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The Dalai Lama On What He Thinks About World Leaders including Netanyahu, Putin, and Obama – PoliticKING with Larry King – Jul 15 ’15

The 14th Dalai Lama appeared on PoliticKING with Larry King recently. He’s intrigued me for years, so I made a point of watching it. He spoke about a lot of top news stories like how to deal with ISIS. And he made what some might find a controversial statement when he said that the world would be a safer place with more women leaders.

“I really feel the leadership of our planet, you see, more female takes responsibility, maybe less violence.” – The Dalai Lama, via PoliticKING with Larry King

But what I found quite interesting was the topic of what he thinks of world leaders. He gave a rundown of each from his personal perspective, and there’s a lot to be gleaned from his simple answers. For instance when asked about President Assad of Syria he replied, ” I think in order to answer that I have to go to Syria and meet more people and analyze. Then I will give you answer.”

On Netanyahu of Isreal, he said that they’d met a few times, and he is “Quite tough.” When pressed by King on whether on not he “liked” Netanyahu, The Dalai Lama replied that he does have some concerns and reservations about his policies. With Chinese President Jinping, he’s been surprised that this communist leader has had nice things to say about Buddhism, which is something he’s not encountered before.

But what about President Putin of Russia? I found this reply to be most telling. He says that he “should respect him because he is the president of a great nation.” Which implies that he doesn’t and that becomes apparent in the second half of his answer. He goes on to say that Putin has been in the government for some time, in fact, he says with a laugh, “Too long, I think.”

But, of course, I was most interested in what he thought of our president. Mostly because I respect The Dalai Lama and his ability live and preach peace and I trust his judgment. I couldn’t help but smile when he said that when he met President Obama he joked about his appearance with him saying he looked like a monk with his very short hair and his…..he stopped to ponder his next word when King jumped in and supplied it for him, “ears?”  The Dalai Lama laughed and replied, Yes. As a distinguished monk like that. I love him.”

I’m not sure why, but The Dalai Lama’s assessment of the top leaders of the world makes them a little more human to me, and that’s a good thing.

What did you think about is comments?

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