LEGO Party Ideas On A Budget - A Fifth Birthday Bash
My son just turned 5, and we didn’t even have a discussion when it came to choosing his party theme — of COURSE he would want a LEGO® party. The kid is obsessed with those little bricks, and most of his friends are too, so it was a perfect fit.

All four members of my little family have summer birthdays, so I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on his party when I had three other birthdays to think about too. Plus, I didn’t want to stress myself out by going over the top on party plans and execution, so we wanted to keep things low-key. My son invited five friends four our party at home. But I wanted to be sure my child’s birthday party felt extra special, so l came up with a few inexpensive, handmade LEGO elements to create the perfect party atmosphere.

LEGO Party Ideas On A Budget: Stick to the Basics

I decided to go with the primary LEGO colors as my theme — blue, yellow, green and especially red. This made it easy to choose basic party elements like cupcake liners, plates, and decorations because I know I can reuse them. It also helps when you’re searching online for LEGO party ideas. Most of the printables and food ideas you’ll find involve these colors too. (Download coloring pages & puzzles from the LEGO website)

LEGO Party Ideas On A Budget: Simple Decorations

I decorated for the party with things I already had around my house! We set out a display of a few of my son’s already-built LEGO creations, with a LEGO “5” I made on a LEGO base for the centerpiece. I turned my front door into a giant LEGO by using duct tape to attach red plastic plates to the door which I covered with a red plastic tablecloth.

Easy Lego Party Decor Ideas - LEGO Party Ideas On A Budget - A Fifth Birthday Bash

My son requested vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting, so I baked them in colorful cupcake liners and made chocolate “LEGOs” to place on top.  To make the LEGO cupcake decorations I used red candy melts and these LEGO brick candy molds (they have a mini figure mold too!). I melted the candy per the instructions and then tapped the mold to release any air bubbles. I put then in the freezer for 15 minutes and they popped out super easy! These were a total hit with the five-year-old crowd! They’d make great take-home favors wrapped in cellophane too!

All of these things made setting up for the party pretty easy and stress-free — which gave me a lot more time to focus on the cute birthday boy. 🙂

Fun and Easy LEGO Birthday Party Ideas - DIY LEGO Birthday Party Ideas on a budget!

Stay tuned — my next post will be all about the LEGO® games and activities we did at the party.