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Todd Gold - Executive Editor - Comcast XFINITY - XFINITY Summer Hotlist: Find Out What's Popular Plus Expert Curated Lists @Xfinity #XFINITYOnDemand adI recently spoke with Todd Gold, the Executive Editor at XFINITY®. He’s a bestselling author who’s collaborated with some of the biggest names in entertainment and he’s an award-winning journalist. After stints at Us and People magazine, he now focuses on and the related apps and websites as well as the XFINITY® Facebook strategy and brand awareness.

The XFINITY Summer Hotlist: What’s Sizzling from Coast to Coast

Gold and his team of editors work to create the curated content offered as part of the X1 Entertainment Operating System® . But this summer they’ve gone beyond that.They’ve created the XFINITY SUMMER HOTLIST: WHAT’S SIZZLING FROM COAST TO COAST summer event. It’s list of 100 of summer’s hottest movies and TV shows to watch – what’s popular, boredom relievers, shows with a human connection, veg out fare, and more –  that will get you through until the fall season.

The summer hotlist includes  26 curated collections in categories like, “Red Hot Right Now,” “Make Me Laugh,” “Freak Me Out,” and “Across the Pond.” These 250+ titles were chosen to match your mood at the moment or help you change it.

The lists were created using Nielsen ratings, insights from the curation team, and fan favorites. It breaks down what’s popular across the US as well as local favorites.

What Does the XFINITY Summer Hotlist Say About Us?

The first thing Gold notices are the similarities across the list. He believes that television is our common language. We all watch Game of Thrones, The Bachelor, and so on. Having that commonality allows us to connect across the country, but he also recognizes the regional nuances because every region has a unique personality. That’s where the human curators have a chance to show off the variety of content.

Seattle Top VOD Shows July 2015 -  XFINITY Summer Hotlist: Find Out What's Popular Plus Expert Curated Lists @Xfinity #XFINITYOnDemand - ad

In San Francisco viewers love Odd Mom Out. Denver, Boston, and Portland favor True Detective, but it Atlanta, the must-see show is Braxton Family Values. But what’s popular in Seattle? Gold sees Seattle as smart, hip, educated, cultured, and creative, so the top 10 list shows its personality is mainstream with the touch of satire. So it’s no surprise that Silicon Valley, a witty show about a startup in the tech industry is found there. He’s also not surprised that Odd Mom Out makes a showing on the top 10 shows for its smart and satirical look at married life, being a mom, and status symbols. He sees it as a perfect match for Seattle as is the controversial Married at First Sight. It plays to the educated side of Seattle and the “what if” questions surrounding two complete strangers marrying.

Gold recommended a few up and coming shows for Seattle that feature smart, quirky, and offbeat storylines. His first choice is Mr. Robot. It’s got the suspense and sharp writing of Wayward Pines with the social commentary of Silicon Valley. He also recommends Fox’s new UnREAL, a fictional look behind the scenes of reality TV.

Human Editors Intersect with Computer Algorithms to Provide the Best Experience

XFINITY On Demand™ provides a human curated list of predictable and reliable choices including top shows. Their Top 100 Shows list is updated every week and provided to subscribers, but they also create curated collections by top experts in the field to give viewers a fun and easy way to discover new content.

The XFINITY® curation team is comprised of a handful of expert editors in movies, TV, music, and kids who are mostly located Philadelphia. The editors combine their knowledge and experience with algorithmic recommendations to create the lists that help personalize the On Demand™ experience. Editors provide curated collections and show recommendations that are supplemented with personalized menus based on what you’ve watched and your saved favorites.

XFinity to Go Online User Interface - Human Editors - XFINITY Summer Hotlist: Find Out What's Popular Plus Expert Curated Lists @Xfinity #XFINITYOnDemand

What makes the XFINITY On Demand™ experience different is the real authoritative voices the editors provide beyond what an algorithm can create. Real curated content can bring the immediacy of the buzz going on in social media, in the news, and by word-of-mouth; things an algorithm can’t mimic. These human curators provide passion and a vision that leads to a more well-rounded experience with more viewing value – a true entertainment experience.

Human Curated Lists To Help with “Choice Trauma”

There’s more television than ever available, and that can lead to “Choice Trauma.” I think we’ve all experienced the moment when we say to ourselves, “There’s nothing on TV.” While a shortage of programs may have been possible in the 70’s when rabbit ears brought in just 3-5 channels, and programming ceased at 2 am; it’s nearly impossible now in our 24/7 instant access environment. What we likely mean is, “I can’t find anything worth my time to watch on TV.” That’s where the editor curated lists come in. They’re designed as if XFINITY® is the best friend who knows everything about the top shows and what you want to watch.

We’re No Longer Chained to the TV

How to Use Comcast XFINITY on your Device -  XFINITY Summer Hotlist: Find Out What's Popular Plus Expert Curated Lists @Xfinity #XFINITYOnDemand - adHow we consume television is changing, and Gold and his team recognizes that and make program selections around it. The Consumer Electronics Association recently reported that almost 46% of TV households now watch on a notebook, netbook, or laptop. While 43% use their smartphone to watch video. Those numbers have risen over the last year, and they’re not likely to go down.

Now people are watching TV when then want and where they want. Some may save up a few episodes of their favorite show and set aside a night to enjoy them all at once. Others prefer a sampler evening – new episodes of several of their favorite shows. Others are binge watchers who forgo an entire season to watch it in its entirety during a vacation or weekend.

XFINITY On Demand™ – Made for the New Way We Watch TV

Want to see where your favorite shows landed on the top 100 list? Go straight to your XFINITY On Demand™ or XFINITY TV Go on July 13th and you’ll find the hottest shows of the summer plus 26 human curated collections for every taste. You’ll be able to travel the world without leaving your sofa, or watch what everyone else is watching so you’ll be plugged in when you head to work.

Shop Xfinity on Demand TV Shows Movies - XFINITY Summer Hotlist: Find Out What's Popular Plus Expert Curated Lists @Xfinity #XFINITYOnDemand ad

XFINITY On Demand™ and XFINITY TV Go is available on multiple platforms – computer, tablet, smartphone and TV. Take your entertainment programs with you when you travel or wherever you go. Keep up when it’s convenient for you and break free from the scheduled programs.

Most subscribers have the new On Demand™ boxes with the image-driven interface as shown above. If you’re like me and still have the old menu-driven box, call your local Comcast office to find out about replacing it with the updated model. You’ll love all the new features including the curated lists.

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