These summer heat and mobile device tips are brought to you by AT&T; all opinions are my own.

Summer Heat and Mobile Devices - 6 Tips to Keep it Cool, Charged & Ready  plus prevent damage. #AttSEA #ad

We’re not used to these record-setting temperatures we’re experiencing here in the Pacific Northwest. We’ve had a two-day reprieve from the scorching temperatures, but forecasts show us heading back up into the mid-90’s again. We’re used to average daytime temperatures in the high seventies, so we’re not prepared when the mercury rises well above that mark.

While we work to keep from overheating, we need to remember to take care of our smartphones because they can help us in case of emergency or to order a pizza because it’s too hot to cook.

AT&T Provided these Summer Heat and Mobile Device Tips:

  • Keep it charged – What will you do if the power goes out? Make sure you have an alternate plan for charging your device(s). There are plenty of solutions available and having one (or a few) of these on hand can provide extra power when you need it.  Purchase a charging case,  car charger (plus you can enjoy some air conditioning while you charge your phone!), a backup battery/powerstation, or a battery-powered mobile device recharger.
  • Keep it Dry – When the summer heat hits, you need extra hydration, but your phone doesn’t! If you head to the beach, pool, or waterpark to cool off, put your phone in a waterproof case or bag to keep it dry.
  • Be Cool –  Prevent permanent battery damage by keeping your devices out of direct sunlight. Store them somewhere cool when the temperature rises – and that’s not in your back pocket. An overheated phone may stop working temporarily and should you need to make an emergency call, you’ll have to let it cool down before it works. That’s a scary proposition when you’re in desperate need of assistance.
  • Find Out What’s Headed Your Way –  Online weather services can let you see how hot it is and what’s forecasted for tomorrow.  AT&T phones offer a variety of free weather apps that provide up-to-the-minute weather information as well as severe weather alerts. Check with your local news station or municipality website to see if they offer weather-related text alert programs in your area.
  • Plan Ahead – While you’re out enjoying these sunny days, did you plan on how you’ll keep in touch? Create a communication plan where family members check in so you know when someone is delayed or has an emergency.
  • Landlines Matter. We’ve all become dependent on our wireless phones but did you know that it’s a good idea to have a landline for emergencies? Make sure you have at least one phone that doesn’t require electricity as it may be the only phone that will work in an emergency.

These six summer heat and mobile device tips are meant to help keep your equipment cool, safe, and in working condition. Do you have a tip that works for you?