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Road Trip - Summer Travel Tips To Avoid Breakdowns ad

I can’t remember that last time we took a summer driving trip. I know it can’t have been that long ago. It seemed like, for our first 20 years of marriage,  that was the only type of trip we could afford. We traveled from Washington to California, Oregon, and British Columbia often. While we may have scrimped on vacations back then, one thing we never pinched pennies on was our car tires.

Summer Road Trip Driving Safety – What to do Before You Head Out

My husband knows all too well what can happen when people opt to drive on balding tires – they lose traction, and a crash can be the result. He sees that far too often on the job as a firefighter. It’s not just during the winter months that it’s essential to have quality tires on for safety, in just as necessary in summer. Great tires improve your stopping capability, and that’s is especially important if you’re towing a boat, trailer, have extra weight from luggage and gear, or when you’re transporting other summer sporting and camping equipment. They also help your car grip the road during rain storms.

Summer Road Trip Driving Safety: Check Your Tires Now and Don’t Wait Until You’re Stranded

Plus taking a trip on old tires means you’re likely setting yourself up for a blowout and we all know those seem to happen in either the most desolate areas with no sign of help, or right in the middle of traffic where you have no place to pull over.

Check your tires before your summer roadtrip to minimize the chance of blowouts on the road - adBoth have their dangers, and it’s no fun spending any of your valuable vacation time trying to buy a tire and have it mounted. Plus the possible damage to you car and alignment depending on when and where the tire fails can mean an end to your vacation. Plus think about the economic advantage of having good tires. Properly inflated you should get better gas mileage which means you’ll save money at the gas pump.

Summer Road Trip Driving Safety – What to Take Along In Case of Emergency

Before any road trip we go through a checklist: we make sure we have good tires, a first aid kit, a road kit, and have checked the fluids, and repaired or replaced anything necessary before we hit the road. I can say that so far we’ve evaded almost every emergency issue and have never been stranded on the side of the road, and we plan to keep it that way!

Cooper Tires logoIf you’re getting ready for your summer road trip, check those tires and if you need new ones, stop by the Cooper Tire Summer Drive Event. They’re an American company that designs and manufactures replacement truck and car tires. They have a tire for every budget and during the Summer Drive Event happening until July 15, 2015, you’ll get a prepaid Visa Card with a value up to $70 when you purchase a set of four qualifying tires through a participating Cooper dealer.

Cooper Discoverer SRX Tires - adQualifying Cooper Summer Driving Event Tires Include:

Cooper Discoverer SRX

Dedicated SUV and CUV’s tires in more  than thirty sizes and with features like Cooper’s Wear Square, an innovative, exclusive visual tread live Indicator which takes the guesswork out of knowing when it’s time to replace your tires and the premium 65,000-mile Tread Wear Protection Warranty.

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro

Their latest high-performance tires dedicated to off-roading with impressive off-road capabilities without sacrificing on-road performance. You’ll find they’re available in an impressive range of commercial and large diameter flotation sizes.

Cooper Discoverer A/T3

Leading technology is used in these tires to provide you quality support through various terrains. They enhance wet traction and reduced rolling.Cooper Discoverer A/T3 ad

Summer Driving Safety – What Will You Remember?

Save your vacation and prevent it from being “that” vacation where you have memories of the things that went wrong and not of all of the wonderful adventures you had while you were there.

 Use the Cooper Tire Dealer Locator to find the nearest store.

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