SIMBI: Chic Fashion Line Creates Jobs & Provides Clean Water in Haiti ad

I love handmade products, and I adore them even more when by purchasing them, I’m helping others. That’s exactly how SIMBI works. They bring clean water and sustainable jobs to Haiti to improve the lives of women and their families there. They sent me a few of their products to share with you, of course as always, all opinions are my own.

Created by two women, one who was born and raised in Haiti and the other an American who married a Haitian, they’re working to change the way the world sees Haiti. They hope to replace some of the negative news with some positive changes. That’s something I’m proud to help support.

SIMBI Clay Bracelet: Unique Handmade Beaded Bracelets with Charms

Simbi Clay Bracelet – Distressed Aqua, Large Charm, 10 mm Beads. Created by hand in Haiti. SIMBI: Chic Fashion Line Creates Jobs & Provide Clean Water in Haiti ad

Simbi Clay Bracelet – Distressed Aqua, Large Charm, 10 mm Beads. Created by hand in Haiti.

I can’t express how much I adore this bracelet. First because it fits plus size women like me which makes me feel included. But also because it’s stunningly beautiful. The clay beads feel cool against my skin, have a fabulous weight to them, and they feel luxurious.

Each of the Simbi Clay Bracelets is created from natural resources found in the Haitian mountains. The beads are eco-friendly and biodegradable, and each one is unique. They’re hand rolled, then baked and painted, before being strung into a beautiful bracelet. Crafting the bracelets created jobs for fifteen people, plus the sales of them help to bring clean water to Haiti.

These beautiful, unisex bracelets are available in a lot of fabulous colors plus there are two charm sizes (the one shown here is a large charm, the small charms have two on each bracelet), Each includes the Simbi logo and one of five assorted charms saying: Peace, Water, Hope, Love, and H2O. Or choose one with a beaded tassel. They look fabulous when worn in sets and are a reminder that water is a precious commodity in some parts of the world.

SIMBI HAIR-Bracelet: Colorful Prints and Solids

The SIMBI Hair-Bracelets are the perfect replacement for those dull and boring elastic hair ties I’ve been buying forever. Not only are these handmade and beautiful, they keep my hair secure without damaging it. They’re nearly indestructible, plus they don’t leave a telltale crimp in your hair when you take them out. Their design is genius!Simbi Haiti Hair-Bracelet - SIMBI: Chic Fashion Line Creates Jobs & Provide Clean Water in Haiti ad

Like their clay bracelet counterparts, these are handmade in Haiti and the purchase of them funds clean water as well as jobs for Haitians.They also look great wrapped around my wrist (isn’t that where all women store their hair ties until they need them?) and they’re so comfortable I can sleep in them.Simbi Haiti Handmade Hair-ties - SIMBI: Chic Fashion Line Creates Jobs & Provide Clean Water in Haiti ad

SIMBI Products – Luxurious Accessories and Clothing

You can also purchase trendy Twill fabric bracelets, headbands, accessories, and clothing that are all handmade. Watch their “Bundle” section for great deals. They have a 4th of July Gift Box with three clay bracelets (red, white, and blue of course!), two star hair ties, one glitter hair tie, presented in a gift box for nearly $30 less than buying them separately! They also have a Sale section where they offer some of their fantastic products for less.

SIMBI: A Cool Cause

SIMBI packs your items in this fun, hand-stamped cloth bag instead of paper or plastic, how fabulous is that! Plus you can use it to store your jewelry or recycle it as a treasure bag, gift bag, or whatever else you can think of.

Simbi Haiti Cool Cause

I’ll be adding to my soon-to-be SIMBI Clay Bracelet collection. I can’t wait to add one or two more coordinating colors. They truly are stunning!

SIMBI products are available in the US, Canada, Caribbean, Europe, and Dubai. Use their retail location finder for a place near you or shop online at

Connect with SIMBI on their social media pages:  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.  Also learn more about Michael Stars and his Haiti with Love project on The Blog.