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6 New Wearables For Summer: Activity and Fitness Trackers From $49 to $450 #ATTSeattle ad

I love wearable tech, and I’ve tried out quite a few. I have a new one on I’ll be reviewing soon, but until then I wanted to tell you about the new wearables on the AT&T  website. They offer more smartwatches, smart locators, and fitness trackers than any other wireless carrier. They know customers like me want to see what’s need in the wearable world. The six new fitness trackers cover a wide variety of purposes and prices and several are fashion forward while others are made to take the pounding an active lifestyle can bring.

AT&T Adds Six New Wearables to the SmartWatch, Activity Tracker, and Fitness Tracker Offerings

CaseMate Rebecca Minkoff Notification Bracelet

I’ve been clamoring for a wearable bracelet good looking enough to wear to work and Rebecca Minkoff of handbag, shoe, and jewelry fame has done just that. She took the unglamorous tech features of a wearable and married them with an eye-catching bracelet!

Rebecca Minkoff iPhone Notification Bracelet available at AT&T - 6 New Wearables For Summer: Activity and Fitness Trackers From $49 to $450 #ATTSeattle ad

The Case-Mate Rebecca Minkoff Notification Bracelet is a gold-tone and black link chain that connects via Bluetooth to your iPhone. Pair it to get updated when you receive a call or text from up to 25 of your preferred contacts. The battery powers it for up to 30 days for worry-free use. Get this notification bracelet only at and select company-owned retail stores for $120

AT&T also carries a fabulous selection of Rebecca Minkoff iPhone cases and clutches!

Healbe GoBe™ Calorie and Body Tracker

The  Healbe GoBe™ Calorie and Body Tracker is a wearable device for those wanting to take charge of their calorie intake and burn. Healbe FLOW™ Technology uses three sensors to give you a complete picture of net calories consumed and burned automatically. No more food diary entries!

HEALBE GoBe Calorie and Body Tracker available at online at -6 New Wearables For Summer: Activity and Fitness Trackers From $49 to $450 #ATTSeattle ad

It also provides helpful health metrics to assist you in getting an overall view of your body’s fitness including stress, sleep quality, blood pressure, heart rate, and hydration level. All this in one wearable device and it sends the data directly to your compatible smartphone via the Healbe GoBe™ smartphone app (Android & iOS). AT&T is the first carrier to sell the Healbe GoBe™ Automatic Body Manger. It’s available for $299.99 at

Mio FUSE Heart Rate + Activity Tracker

The Mio FUSE is perfect for fitness enthusiasts who like to track their heart rate while working out. It offers EKG-accurate heart rate monitoring using their patented Heart Rate Technology instead of an uncomfortable chest strap. This sleek crimson and black bracelet also keeps track of your activity throughout the day by logging your steps, distance, pace, and calories. It reports your data via Bluetooth Smart (4.0) and ANT+ heart rate transmission technology directly to your smartphone and popular fitness apps, bike computers, and GPS watches. Plus you can get your stats right on the  Mio FUSE tracker for an instant update.

Mio FUSE Heart Rate + Activity Tracker available at - 6 New Wearables For Summer: Activity and Fitness Trackers From $49 to $450 #ATTSeattle ad

The Mio FUSE Heart Rate + Activity Tracker can store up to 30 hours of exercise data plus two weeks of daily activity so you can track your program.The Mio FUSE Heart Rate + Activity Tracker is available first at AT&T retails stores and for $149 and is compatible with iPhone 4s and newer, all iPad Air and iPad mini models, iPad with Retina display, and iPad.

Misfit Flash Activity Tracker Black for iPhone and Android

The Misfit Flash Activity Tracker is one of the most affordable wearable fitness devices available. It provides feedback on your activity plus it controls your music and tells time with a single touch. It also automatically tracks your sleep without any intervention on your part and reports the data to your smartphone. The battery powers the Misfit Flash for up six months (a watch battery powers the Flash).Twelve LED lights on the Flash report your daily progress and did I mention it’s waterproof up to 30 meters! Find the Misfit Flash for just $49.99 at all AT&T retail stores as well as

Misfit Flash Activity Tracker - 6 New Wearables For Summer: Activity and Fitness Trackers From $49 to $450 #ATTSeattle ad

Withings Activité and Withings Activité Pop Premium Fitness Trackers

The Withings Activité and Withings Activité Pop are premium fitness trackers with a definite fashion sense. Withings Activité Pop features a round analog time display plus your activity progress for the day right on the watch face. It’s capable of tracking walking, running, swimming, and sleeping.

The Withings Activité is a Swiss-made analog smartwatch that automatically detects your time zone and adjusts itself – a must-have for any world traveler! It has a premium 3D motion sensor that automatically records your steps, distance traveled, and even your sleep patterns. It does all this hidden inside a stylish black-faced watch with black leather strap.

Withings Activite and Withings Activite Pop - 6 New Wearables For Summer: Activity and Fitness Trackers From $49 to $450 #ATTSeattle ad

Both Withings fitness trackers are powered by a watch battery that lasts approximately 8-months, and both are waterproof. The Withings Activité can be purchased for $450 while the Withings Activité Pop will set you back just $149 – both are available from for $149.

I love wearables and love the new more stylish direction they’re headed. Which wearable device do you prefer? Fancy and sleek or tough and ready?


For more information on each one of these devices, check out: AT&T’s Consumer Blog or wAT&T Shop Wearables Page

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