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Digital music on every device with MyMusicCloud - MyMusicCloud: Take Your Music Everywhere #giveaway ad

Listening to music on the go has finally become the norm. I remember setting up a cassette tape in my boom box, up in my bedroom around 1998, trying to tape my favorite songs on the radio. Or better yet, being late to meet up with friends because I HAD to stay in the car five more minutes to hear the #1 song on the weekend countdown. Ah, life before streaming. 🙂 Things have gotten a lot more convenient in the 21st century, but it can still be a pain to transfer songs from one device to another or being forced to share your music with family members.

We love streaming music at my house, but the problem with Spotify and other music services is that two people in two different locations can’t listen on the same account at once. My husband and I both have lots of Spotify music, but if he’s listening at work, I can’t listen at home. Also, I have an iPhone so I can access all of our iTunes music super easy — but my husband has a Windows Phone and can’t. MyMusicCloud solves these problems by allowing you to sync your music to any phone or tablet and listen to it offline, or cloud stream through the web. This means even if a device is lost or stolen, all your music can still be accessed by other devices and libraries can be shared. It also means you don’t need to upgrade your kids’ phones to the newest model just so they can access it too!

MyMusicCloud: Store Your Music Online and Access From Anywhere

That’s where MyMusicCloud comes in. It’s a global cloud storage program for your digital music, and it works just about everywhere — on any music service (from iTunes to Windows Media Player), on any device, on any brand. No more iTunes storage on your laptop that won’t switch to your droid phone!

MyMusicCloud is available in 23 languages and in 29 countries, and you get unlimited storage, but access to only 250 of your tracks at a time. You can swap out the playable and stored tracks or you can upgrade to an unlimited membership for $39 a year. The unlimited membership gives you the same storage but also allows you to access unlimited playable tracks in an ad-free experience, and you can add up to ten devices.

MyMusicCloud Membership: Free Account Setup

It’s super easy to set up — once you create your MyMusicCloud account, run the software that pops up, it will guide you through connecting to your saved music on the device you’re connecting.

Once it adds all the songs to your account, you’re good to go. When you’re ready to take your music on the go, get the app from the Google Play Store for Android and iTunes for Apple.

Digital music on every device with MyMusicCloud - MyMusicCloud: Take Your Music Everywhere #giveaway

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We’re giving away one year of free, unlimited cloud storage plus $100 worth of credit toward MyMusicCloud Store purchases. To enter, visit and set up an account — it’s free!  One winner will be chosen on July 10, 2015, and notified via email. You must have a MyMusicCloud account to win. Good luck!