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Inside Out – Behind the Scenes Interview with Kyle Maclachlan

I had the chance to meet Kyle MacLachlan on the Disney|Pixar’s INSIDE OUT press junket. He seemed very relaxed and polished, and it’s not hard to imagine that that is him at his core. He has small town roots here in Washington having grown up in Yakima in the 70’s. His slightly sarcastic humor is one I understand well having spent severals summers during High School cruising the “Ave” in Yakima. It’s highly likely he was one of the many fine looking boys riding with friends in fabulous Mustangs with their radios booming; the Ave was the place to be seen.

But MacLachlan moved beyond his small town beginnings to star in many memorable television shows. Most notably, the truly ground-breaking 1990 series, Twin Peaks. His portrayal of FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper garnered him a Golden Globe Award and two Emmy nominations.

Kyle Maclachlan Interview by Bloggers at Disney INSIDE OUT Press Junket - ad

Cooper was quirky but charming, and MacLachlan played him perfectly. He resurrected those same characteristics when he played Orson Hodge on Desperate Housewives. He was the character that on the surface seemed sympathetic and helpful but in reality he was conniving and despicable. He’s also appeared in some of television’s most popular shows like How I Met Your Mother, The Good Wife, Portlandia, and more recently Believe and Agents of SHIELD.

Kyle MacLachlan – Playing Riley’s Dad in INSIDE OUT

[pullquote align=”right”]INSIDE OUT is in theaters now! It’s rated PG.[/pullquote]His most recent role as 11-year old Riley’s dad in Disney|Pixar’s newest animated film, INSIDE OUT, is a far cry from MacLaughlan’s previous roles. Though he laughs when asked if the character was drawn to favor him, he doesn’t see the resemblance, but the audience does. Like his character, he has slightly wavy hair, great eyes, quiet mannerisms, and a kind nature. MacLaughlan does admit the animators used a few of his facial gestures and when he sees one he does see the resemblance, but only for a split second.

Disney|PIxar INSIDE OUT movie still - Mom, Dad, and Riley at dinner - #insideoutevent  ad

Mom, Dad, and Riley dinner discussion. INSIDE OUT © Disney. All rights reserved – Used with permission.

Recording the voice of Riley’s Dad was something MacLachlan enjoyed though initially he wasn’t entirely confident about his performance which left him to wonder if his sessions were OK.  The process of recording the voice actors is unusual. Each character records individually, and it’s up to them imagine the scene and react accordingly adding enough emotion and intensity to match what will eventually end up on screen. Additionally, the voices are recorded before animation takes place, so it wasn’t until late in the process that he was provided more visuals to aid him. He worked for two hours every few months for about a year to complete the role.

Pixar’s Inside Out: Kyle Maclachlan “Dad” Behind the Scenes Voice Recording

What MacLachlan hopes dads will take away from the film is that it’s OK to be a soft spoken and gentle father. He also hopes that they’ll work to connect with their kids and try to understand what’s going on in their brains. As a father himself, he believes that, “You have to engage them when they’re ready. That could be at the most inopportune times, like the 4th Quarter in a great football game. You just have to walk away and engage because that’s when they’re ready.”

He notes that being a father has changed how he looks at roles. He now wonders about how it affects his family when he takes a role that requires him to be away from home. He also considers whether or not the role is something he’s comfortable putting out there.

Kyle MacLachlan – Pursued By Bear

While MacLachlan is a Californian having lived there for decades, he has a reason to go home. He started a boutique wine label in Walla Walla, Washington with the late Eric Dunham, who was regarded as one of Washington’s finest winemakers. MacLachlan named the small-production winery “Pursued by Bear” which is a nod to a Shakespear stage direction, “Exit, pursued by a bear,” that has always made him laugh. Creating the wine near his hometown allows him to stay connected to his roots.

Kyle MacLaughlin (the voice of Dad) at the Disney | Pixar INSIDE OUT Movie Premier - Hollywood, CA

Kyle MacLaughlin (the voice of Dad) at the Disney | Pixar INSIDE OUT Movie Premier – Hollywood, CA

What’s next for MacLachlan?

MacLachlan will be resurrecting his role of FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper!  David Lynch announced Twin Peaks will be revived for a limited 9-episode season in 2016 on Showtime. This resurrection of this cult-classic coincides with the show’s 25th anniversary. Haven’t seen the original Twin Peaks? Both seasons are available now on

Kyle MacLachlan – Connect Online

You can find out more about  MacLachlan on this official website and his wine can be found at Dunham Cellars Online. He’s also active in social media and tweets at @Kyle_MacLachlan. You can also connect with INSIDE OUT on Facebook and Twitter