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Teen Beach Movie and Teen Beach 2 stars CHRISSIE FIT (“CheeChee”) and JORDAN FISHER (“Seacat”)  -  Advice for Aspiring Actors: Chrissie Fit & Jordan Fisher from Teen Beach 2 - ad

[pullquote align=”right”]Check out our Teen Beach 2 Gotta Be Me Dance Lesson With Chrissie Fit and Jordan Fisher[/pullquote]The first thing you notice about Chrissie Fit and Jordan Fisher is that they have an honest air of happiness that surrounds them. They have an easy friendship where they often finish each other’s sentences. Fisher says it was created by the time the cast has spent together making Teen Beach Movie and Teen Beach 2.

I was amazed at their poise and ability to tell their stories. Both came to the field of entertainment through the desire to win the affection of a childhood crush. While neither realized their goal of getting the girl/boy, they did discover a love for acting, singing, and dancing that propelled them into the people they are today.

Advice for Aspiring Actors

This talented duo’s shared their advice for aspiring actors though they say their advice is the same for aspiring musicians and singers as well. Their mot important tip is that you shouldn’t  head to New York or LA with the intention of becoming famous. It’s rare that people motived solely by fame find success because they’re not driven by passion. What they believe works is he age-old advice to do what you love, be passionate about it, work hard, and you’ll find success. But they also say don’t take no for an answer. Hustle. Create your portfolio and share it, but remember you need to have patience and educate yourself because it rarely happens overnight. They both agree that you should never lose focus on the value of education. It’s the base that will help you make the right decisions on your career path. Give everything you do your full ability and don’t give up.

Fit sites an example of the type of passion and focus that will get you noticed by recounting the difficulty of dancing on sand.. While filming Teen Beach Movie and Teen Beach 2, many times her shoes would fill up with sand, but she never let the annoyance and irritation show in her performance. When “cut” was called, she’d pull off her shoes and dump them out, amazed at the amount she’d collected.

Teen Beach 2 is rated G and stars Ross Lynch as Brady, Maia Mitchell as McKenzie (“Mack”), Grace Phipps as Lela, Garrett Clayton as Tanner, John DeLuca as Butchy, Chrissie Fit as Cheechee, and Jordan Fisher as Seacat. It’s the sequel to Teen Beach Movie. It’s set months later when summer ends, and it’s time to head back to school.

Fisher shares that they did intense conditioning for the movie for four weeks and then did three weeks of choreography rehearsals before they moved on to Puerto Rico where the actual filming took place. Fit wasn’t available for these sessions because she was filming PITCH PERFECT 2, though they did send her videos of the moves which she practiced between takes. Fisher says that serious training put the cast in top physical shape which is exactly what they needed to perform the powerful dance sequences on the hot Puerto Rico sand in costumes that included black leather pants and jackets. Being able to give your all under difficult circumstances is one way to give your all.

Teen Beach Movie and Teen Beach 2 stars CHRISSIE FIT (“CheeChee”) and JORDAN FISHER (“Seacat”)  -  Advice for Aspiring Actors: Chrissie Fit & Jordan Fisher from Teen Beach 2 - ad

I have to say that Fit and Fisher give some great advice. My only addition would be to add that you need to be realistic. If you’re 5′ tall, you’ll likely never play in the NBA, make sure your goals are reasonable and then go for it. Work harder, longer, and better than the competition and love what you do. I think Fit and Fisher have figured it out.

Check them out in Teen Beach Movie and Teen Beach 2,

What do you think of their advice for aspiring actors?

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