Jord Watches provided a  Delmar Watch to facilitate this review. However, all opinions are my own.

After a long hiatus, I’ve recently started wearing a watch again. Busy moms always need to know what time it is — whether you’re on your way to pick up the kids, need to start making dinner, or trying to get your baby on a good nap schedule, timing is important! For a while, I just used my phone as my primary timepiece, but every time I checked the clock I was tempted to log on to Instagram or another time-wasting app. Plus, sometimes (like on an airplane or in a meeting) it’s just a lot smoother to check the time on your wrist instead of your phone, you know?

Style Trend: Wood Watches

So, what are the hip watch styles these days? I’d been hearing the buzz about wood watches and was super intrigued by this new trend, so I couldn’t wait to try one of the premier wood watch brands: JORD Watches. “Jord” is a Swedish word meaning earth, soil, and land, so accordingly, each JORD luxury watch is created with a style guided by natural elements and modern design, and it shows in the impeccably smooth wood and gorgeous craft.

Jord Delmar Series Blue Wood Watch - ad

This specialty designer feeling was apparent as soon as my JORD package arrived. The watch was packaged in a delicate wooden box and perched on a tweed pillow for safe-keeping. I ordered the Delmar watch in blue; it’s one of the thicker watches, but I love the statement it makes. JORD makes watches for both women and men (and some watches can cross over to both, of course) and some of the more delicate women’s watches — like the turquoise Cora — are gorgeous! Watches come in all different shades and types of wood, so there’s something for every taste.

Hip watches for busy parents on the go

Plus, Father’s Day is right around the corner — I think a masculine wood watch, straight from nature, would be the coolest gift for any of the dads in your life. Check out JORD’s full selection of watches, and follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter too.

Jord Delmar Series Blue Wood Watch   - ad
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