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I have a 3D television and the few times I’ve used it, I enjoyed the experience. But now there’s something even better! Best Buy has a new Samsung Experience where you can view an exclusive sneak peek from the upcoming Jurassic World movie on the new Samsung 4k SUHD TV up close.

Best Buy: Samsung 4k SUHD TV

Samsung 4k SUHD TV - Exclusive JURASSIC WORLD Clip Now at Best Buy  #TwitterParty @SamsungTVUSA  @BestBuy #SUHDatBestBuy ad

Go see the exclusive Jurassic Park trailer at Best Buy on this insanely clear TV. It blew me away!

But what is 4k SUHD TV? It’s the latest and greatest in television technology that promises even more colors and a brighter picture on a revolutionary panel that features Nano-crystal technology. The screen is curved to give you an even better sense of depth and it has four times the resolution of a full HD TV. Now here’s the geeky part that I don’t understand – the Samsung SUHD TV has an Octa-Core Processor which means you’ll be able to view your media faster, and Peak Illuminator Pro for enhanced picture detail and color. I may not know the science or technical specs between these features, but I do know that the picture is insane!

Because the SUHD TV is a Samsung, it comes with their fabulous Smart TV features (my non-3D TV is a Samsung Smart TV and I love it!). The Samsung Smart TV feature connects your TV to the Internet so you can stream your favorite movies and TV shows from your favorite providers. But this SUHD TV also comes with Samsung Smart View 2.0 which takes sharing to a whole new level. Yes, you can share your music, videos, and photos from your Widows PC to your Samsung SUHD TV, but even cooler, you can share from your TV to your PC!

Take a trip to Best Buy before 6/13/15 to check out the Samsung Shop area and the Jurassic World clip on the new Samsung 4k SUHD TV. You’ll also enjoy special savings (both in-store and online) of $1500 (5/31-6/13). Then mark your calendars and RSVP for the Samsung SUHD Twitter Party on 6/9/15 for a chance to win a Best Buy Gift Card!

Samsung SUHD Twitter Party #SUHDatBestBuy