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Water conservation is a hot topic this year and not just in California. Here in Washington it’s pretty dismal as well. I couldn’t help but notice on my last trip over Snoqualmie Pass that Lake Keechelus was well below its average level for this time of year. It’s so low that the tree stumps that are usually hidden until well into August are already visible.

Having lived through severe water restrictions before, I know that there are going to be some changes in our habits this summer that are dictated by the amount of water in the mountains. But one thing that won’t change is getting the car washed. I’ve known for years that using an eco-friendly car wash is better for the environment.

According to the International Carwash Association (ICA) WaterSavers Car Washes use just 40 gallons of fresh water per car. That’s about the same amount of water used in a 15-minute shower. But WaterSavers equipped car washes filter and recycle the water to keep harmful chemicals from our groundwater, the same groundwater that feeds our rivers and streams.

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But why wash our cars if we’re in a drought? Because dirt and grime can ruin a car’s paint finish and reduce its value and in areas where salt air causes corrosion, the undercarriage wash is just what’s needed to keep rust at bay. Plus there are events that call for a clean car and having clean headlights and glass make driving safer. Thankfully we don’t have these strict water restrictions most years, but choosing a WaterSaver Car Wash is still the smart choice.

More about WaterSavers

But how do you know which car washes are WaterSavers? Use the WaterSavers® Locations finder – just select your country, type in your zip code, and choose how far you’re willing to drive. I have seven locations within a 10-mile radius of my home.

Want to learn more about benefits of keeping your car clean visit Wash with WaterSavers. You can also follow WaterSavers on Twitter and Facebook.

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