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We’ve been using HomeAway to plan our vacations for years, so they’ve asked me to share my experience with you. But first let me tell what HomeAway is and how it works.

HomeAway – What Is It and How Does it Work?

HomeAway is a website where you can find and book vacation rentals.Β The website allows owners to list their property for vacationer’s to rent. There are currently over one milling listings for locations all over the world for condos, houses, and even castles.

Finding the perfect vacation on HomeAway is easy – just search for your desired destination with the dates you want to travel and you’ll get a list of rental properties available. Each property has a detailed listing of what’s included in the rental along with plenty of photos so you can see where you’ll be staying.

Once you’ve found the ideal vacation rental, book it, review and sign your rental agreement, and pay your reservation payment directly to the owner to secure your spot right from the website. That’s it! There are no fees or hidden costs.

HomeAway: From a Couple to a Family – How our Vacation Needs Have Changed

Now that you know what HomeAway is and how it works let me tell you why we use them. I should mention first that we didn’t always. Before we had kids, we didn’t think twice about going away for the weekend. We rarely made reservations and never thought twice about the type of hotel we stayed in. That all changed when we had our children, and we had to think about their needs and the sanity of the people in the room next door.

We started taking fewer vacations and planning more. We chose locations that had houses or cabins that gave us the separation from other guests we desired which gave us the freedom to spend less time asking the kids to be quiet so as not to disturb others. Choosing a house also let us cook meals to save money.

HomeAway - Vacations are about making memories #HomeAway4Kids AD

As the kids grew, we realized we needed more activities to keep them busy. We started choosing vacation rentals that had bikes, were near ski areas or on a lake, or were near areas with go-karts, an amusement park, or museums.It wasn’t too many years later that we added a dog to our household.Β He was a part of our family so of course he came along when a pet-friendly location couldΒ be found.

When HomeAway launched online, it simplified the process of finding an ideal vacation rental. Before its arrival in the vacation rental market, I had to search for locations by random searches and recommendations from friends and family. HomeAway gave individual owners a place on the web to list their rentals to maximize their outreach. By doing that, they created a vacation rental hub that makes finding them easier which made renting our vacation home a breeze.

HomeAway: A Trusted Friend

Our family has grown over the last few years, so our vacation home needs have changed again. With the addition of a spouse, a long-term girlfriend, and two small dogs (our first dog sadly passed away), we are still able to find the perfect vacation rental from HomeAway. I appreciate that it has been here for us, no matter how our family’s needs have changed. We’ve created some fantastic vacation memories at fabulous locations that we likely would never have found without it and I look forward to new adventures with an old friend we can trust – HomeAway.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of HomeAway.