1 in One Hundred Million - Videos about everyday heroes #WorkforceStories  #1in100MM #sponMy husband and sons all work in service-related industries. My husband is a firefighter who’s been serving the community he works for since 1980. Before he was hired as a career firefighter, he volunteered six nights a week while working a full-time job and until this year, he volunteered as a Wildland Firefighter. My oldest son works for an airline in customer service, and my youngest is a State Park Ranger. While I think my guys are pretty special, they’re not the only people in the US workforce that have jobs that are important, but often not acknowledged for the service they provide.

Kronos Incorporated, a company who provides workforce management, has been celebrating today’s workforce with monthly videos that feature people whose work is vital, but who rarely get the recognition they deserve. The series entitled 1 in One Hundred Million, began in September 2014 by featuring a firefighter. In the following months, they featured a Trauma Nurse, Grocery Store Product Manager, Union Electrician, Hotel Front Desk Agent, Restaurant Server, Teacher, and Baseball Bat Maker. These incredible videos tell you the story of the highlighted person’s life, what their work means to them, and why they’re special. The videos are created by a small team including interviewer Lea Thau. She’s a Peabody Award-winning director and producer and the creator of the Moth Podcast and the Moth Radio Hour. Aired on NPR, I’ve been a fan of both for years. The Director and Executive Producer of the project is Alan Chebot. He brings 30+ years of experience in broadcast programming, commercials, documentaries, corporate video, and more. The duo have created some videos that incredibly well done and touching.

1 in One Hundred Million: Meet Major William Saint

The May edition features Major William Saint. He’s the 62 Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Civil Support Team commander of the Louisiana National Guard. He has the task of managing a team that focuses not only investigating WMD threats across the US, but he’s also responsible for securing them in at-risk areas. That can mean clearing Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear (CBRN) as well as high yield explosives. Major Saint and his team’s work is serious business and something most of us probably didn’t realize was going on around us. His team of 22 National Guard members works to ensure that it’s as safe as possible for us as we go about our day. But their job takes on a whole new level of responsibility during celebrations and major events. In fact, they’ve provided their expertise and support for the Super Bowl, the Indie 500, Mardi Gras, the NBA Final Four, and other events. With Memorial Day in May, it’s the perfect time to feature this full-time National Guard member. But he’s more than a commander, he’s also a husband and father. He has four small children and was the former director of the National Guard’s Family program.

Commander William Saint - 1 in One Hundred Million #WorkforceStories #1in100MMand #spon

Please watch the beautiful video and meet Major William Saint yourself. I think his story will touch you as it has me. Then watch some of the past episodes. A few of them brought tears while others made me feel immensely proud. Kronos chose some fascinating people who have inspired me with their stories to be more aware of those that are quietly providing services that make my life better. Learn more by following the hashtag #1in100MM on your favorite social media site and follow Kronos Incorporated on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+. You can also subscribe to be advised when the next video is released.

I’d love to hear what you thought about Major Saint’s video or any of the others in the series. Did any of them touch your or change the way you feel about their profession?