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Weight Watchers Ice Cream Specialties #TheWinningMoment #WeightWatchersIceCream  ad I started wearing my activity bracelet again after setting it aside for the last few months. I’m proud of myself for getting back on the “move more” game plan that I designed to make my life better. I consider rededicating myself to this endeavor as a winning moment in life. This summer I’m also wearing a hat for the first time to prevent sun damage on my face. Though several members of my family have been treated for skin cancer; I’m working diligently to prevent becoming one of them. Wearing a sun hat is another winning moment because it’s never too late to start taking care of myself!

Every step I take to living a healthy lifestyle is a winning moment. But with the temperatures rising, I’ll admit that when the sweet song of the Ice Cream truck fills the air I can’t help it, I regress to my childhood and I want ice cream. To prevent me from elbowing children out of the way to buy overpriced frozen treats, I filled my freezer with my favorite Weight Watchers® ice cream treats. Now I can enjoy a frozen dessert whenever the mood strikes and without become the talk of the neighborhood. They hit the spot and cool me down on a hot day. Weight Watchers Ice Cream - My Stocked Freezer #TheWinningMoment #WeightWatchersIceCream  ad

Weight Watchers® Frozen Treats – Bringing Back Memories of my Youth

Being able to feed my inner child and still maintain my quest for a healthy lifestyle is a winning moment! Life is too short not to enjoy a frozen treat on a hot day. Weight Watchers Ice Cream treats are available in cones, sandwiches, and bars. Their specialty flavors include Giant Chocolate Fudge Bars, Dark Chocolate Raspberry Bars, and English Toffee Crunch.  

But which are my favorites?  The flavors and treats that are most like the ice cream I enjoyed as a child. Weight Watchers Ice Cream Bars #TheWinningMoment #WeightWatchersIceCream  ad

The Giant Chocolate Fudge Bars are so creamy and delectable and always my first choice. They bring back the memories of summers in the 70’s – Elton John on the radio, halter tops created from sewn together bandannas, and hanging out with girlfriends in the cool shade  talking about the boys we liked.

Along with the Fudge Bars, I’m a huge fan of the English Toffee Crunch because of the tasty ice cream covered with crunchy chocolate coating and sprinkled with crazy-delicious bits of toffee. I also love that these are packaged in a smaller bar so I can have one now, and one after dinner and still have a lower calorie treat. The Dark Chocolate Raspberry Bars are packaged in the same manner,  so sometimes I have one of each! They’re luscious raspberry ice cream covered in chocolate, and ohh baby are they good! Weight Watchers Toffee Ice Cream #TheWinningMoment #WeightWatchersIceCream  ad

Weight Watchers Ice Cream – Winning Life Moments

Weight Watchers® frozen treats lets me have a winning moment every time I choose one  – great taste and fond memories folded up into one. What’s your winning moment?  Weight Watchers Dark Chocolate Raspberry Bars #TheWinningMoment #WeightWatchersIceCream  ad

Where to Buy Weight Watchers Ice Cream

Pick up Weight Watchers® frozen treats at stores like Kroger, Publix, Safeway, Shoprite, Stop & Shop, Supervalu, Target, and Walmart.

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