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Pediped Kids Sandals - pediped Flex Lynn Sandals ad

pediped® shoes have a history of providing unbeatable comfort, quality, and style for our little one’s precious feet. Their shoes are available for all of the different stages that our children go through, and they are available in numerous styles and colors. I love that these shoes not only promote healthy foot development but are also comfortable, and most importantly cute!!

Pediped Shoes on the go - pediped Flex Lynn Sandals ad I was very thrilled to receive our first pair of pediped Flex Lynn Sandals in the mail for my 4-year-old daughter! I’m certain most moms can relate to the “I want to dress myself” phase, making it a constant battle to find clothes and shoes that our kiddos approve of. I have spent money on several pairs of sandals that “feel funny” between the toes, or slip off when she walks. That’s not the case with these sandals.

pediped Flex Lynn Sandals -  ad

pediped Footwear: Stylish and Comfortable Shoes for Children

These sandals have a leather upper, breathable leather lining, and a flexible rubber sole with  Memory Foam Technology™ (MFT) which is what makes them so comfortable. Not only does the MFT™ create the comfort she enjoys, but it also absorbs sweat and prevents her foot from slipping in the shoe which means she gets a secure fit. My daughter loves these pediped Sandals because she can put them on herself, they are comfortable, and most importantly they are pink! They are also available in lavender, silver, and white, and all of them have the fun jeweled accents

Pediped Pink Sandals - pediped Flex Lynn Sandals ad

I love the comfort features and the dual adjustable velcro which makes it easy to form the shoe for the perfect fit.These sandals will be great this spring and summer for walks, days at the beach, and just wearing out on our daily outings.

Pediped Girls Summer Sandals - pediped Flex Lynn Sandals ad

I find it hard these days to spend a lot of money on shoes that I know she will just grow out of in no time. But now that we’ve experienced the quality and fit of the pediped Flex Lynn Sandals, I will likely purchase another pair of these awesome shoes. 

You can find out more and shop pediped’s new Spring/Summer 2015 collection at pediped Kids Shoes. You can also help them celebrate their ten-year anniversary by following them on Instagram and entering to win a pair of shoes for your little one!

pediped footwear can be purchased online or use the pediped store locator to find a store near you.

pediped footwear is a smart choice for parents concerned with the long-term development of their children’s feet. pediped has been awarded the America Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance for creating shoes that promote healthy foot development. Social Links