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Having a great lawn isn’t just about it looking good, it has to feel good. Dry, dusty grass is not inviting and it’s no fun for the dogs and kids to play on and having the friends and family over for a BBQ is just more fun when everyone feels free to lay out a blanket and enjoy themselves. But throwing water onto your parched grass before a big event isn’t going to cut it. Your lawn needs the right care at the right time to stay lush and green.

Not everyone has a live-in gardener like I do. Oh sure, that’s not his real job title, his real title is  “husband”. But my husband works a fire fighter’s shift with four days off consecutively which makes taking care of our lawn and garden a little bit easier than a regular weekend warrior.

But even with the extra time his schedule allows, our tiny lawn it still a full-time job. We live in Seattle where there’s very little sunshine and a whole lot of tall trees. Those darn trees make growing grass almost impossible. They drop their needles, shade the grass, and keep it from getting water. Getting grass to grow here means de-mossing and fertilizing in winter and then reseeding in spring. Summer means hand watering and more fertilizer.

According to TruGreen’s national survey, 92% of adults said that it’s important for children to replace video games and internet time with time outside

By July, our grass is the only green grass on the block. People make comments when they walk by regarding the expense of our lawn watering. What they don’t know is it isn’t watering that keeps our grass green, it’s all the care the happens before summer that makes the difference. Keeping the lawn healthy and not cutting it too short means our lawn is green with a minimal amount of watering.

Create an Inviting Outdoor Space

No one likes a sparse and brown lawn – it’s ugly and worse, it’s no fun for the kids and dogs to play on. But what if  you don’t have to the time to devote to your lawn or you have better things to do?  For you, there’s TruGreen, America’s #1 lawn care company. They do what my husband does – they treat your lawn at the right time of year with the right chemicals so you have a fabulous lawn to entertain on, to share campouts with the kids on, or to create the longest water slid ever with every plastic garbage bags there is in the house. Whatever it is you like to do outside, you can do it with a little help from TruGreen.

Turn Off the Screens and Get Outside

Three out of five of Americans agree that their yard is their favorite place at home to spend quality time with family, and TruGreen is committed to helping them do so

Get the kids off the screens and get them outside playing. Making your yard inviting is the first step. Then add fun games you can play as a family. There’s no substitute for time together and doing it outside means you all get a little fresh air, get back in touch with the neighborhood, and who knows, you might just find you like it!

How do we spend time outside? Just relaxing. We redid our backyard and deck last year, just a mini-makeover with paint and a new grass seed for shady areas that seems to be working fabulously. We added some decorate outdoor lights and furniture and now you can find us out there on any warm night. It’s our go-to place to chat and reconnect and dream about what we’ll do next.

How do you live outside? Find out what others are up to. Check out the TruGreen Survey Infograph below.

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