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Groupon Getaways: What to See in Union, WA

We got the chance to explore the area a bit during our recent Groupon Getaways trip to Robin Hood Village Resort. On our way to check out the Alderbrook Resort and Spa, we stumbled upon the Dalby Waterwheel. It’s a quaint little moss covered building that looks very much like a Hobbit lives within.

Groupon Getaways - Dalby Waterwheel - Union, WA   #MyGrouponGetaway ad

The water wheel was constructed by the Dalby family to bring electricity to their remote location in the 1920’s. It’s the first of its kind in the area. It’s still running, and now it’s a popular photo stop for people making the trip from Skokomish to Belfair.

The Dalby Waterwheel house was built in the 1920's.  #MyGrouponGetaway ad

The history of the Dalby Waterwheel  #MyGrouponGetaway ad We skipped the main resort at Alderbrook and instead headed up the hill to the golf course. On the way, we couldn’t help but notice a home who’s owner must have been pretty desperate for a view of Hood Canal. They stuck an incredibly large crow’s nest atop their home. It looks pretty silly in person and goodness knows I wouldn’t want to be in it during an earthquake, but I suppose it was cheaper than buying a home with a view.

A house with a view? Alderbrook Golf Course #MyGrouponGetaway ad

While we pondered the house with the interesting addition and whether or not it had an elevator, we made our way to the top where we drove past the duffers in their carts and instead headed to the parking lot. It has one of the most spectacular views in the area.

Alderbrook Golf Course - Union, WA  #MyGrouponGetaway ad

Hood Canal with the Olympic Mountains in the distance. #MyGrouponGetaway ad

When we’d filled ourselves with the splendor of Hood Canal with the Olympics in the background, we drove back toward Union to take a look at Potlatch State Park. On the way we stopped to take photos of the historic public utility building and marveled at the beauty of the drive as we were rewarded with views of the canal all along the way.

Historic PUD Building - Union, WA #MyGrouponGetaway ad

The view from Hwy 106 - Union, WA  #MyGrouponGetaway ad

The road is narrow and winding, and I’d just finished saying to my husband that the road must see a lot of accidents when we came upon a large truck that had overturned.

Hwy 106 accident - drive carefully! #MyGrouponGetaway ad

Groupon Getaways: Dining in Union, WA

We decided to grab a quick lunch, so we headed to the Union Square Deli, which is off Dalby Road. I ordered a grilled vegetarian sandwich and herbed potato salad to share. Because we had our dogs with us, we took our lunch back to the Robin Hood Village Resort at enjoyed it on the lounge chairs outside our cabin.

Lunch at the Union Deli - Union, WA #MyGrouponGetaway ad

We spent the rest of the day exploring the trails around the resort before heading to the restaurant on site for dinner. We were pleasantly surprised by the view out the windows and the quality of the food. While my husband enjoyed a dinner of beer battered fish and chips, I opted for a slice of cheesecake to go with lemon and blackberry sauce and whipped cream. I didn’t regret skipping dinner at all – the cheesecake was worth it! The staff was friendly and efficient, and we loved that they building had kept its 1930’s charm. It has a timeless feel though some may call it dated. 

Robin Hood Village Resort Restaurant   - #MyGrouponGetaway ad

There are many other more heart-pumping activities to enjoy in Union, like kayaking, hiking, bicycling, but that wasn’t on our schedule during the trip. We went to get away and listen to the birds, watch the water and take time out in our private hot tub. And that’s just what we did and we loved it!

Groupon Getaways: So Many Choices

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