Our Zipcar was provided; our views are our own.

Zipcar is a car sharing service based in Boston, MA, but cars are available all over the world. For a small monthly membership fee, you gain instant access to nearly 10,000 cars throughout the world, without ever needing to speak with a Zipcar representative.

We signed up for our Zipcards online, which is how you access your car, in about five minutes. It was super simple, and we just needed to provide the necessary information like name, address, driver’s license, etc. The Zipcar approval process only took about a day and after that we were ready to pick up our Zipcards. You can either head to your local Zipcar office and pick your card up there or have it mailed to you. This is where the fun started.

Zipcar locations in Seattle - ad

We downloaded the Zipcar app to our Android phones (also on iOS) and began to browse for cars. What we especially liked about Zipcar is that they have several high-end cars available at reasonable prices. We opted for a BMW X-1, but there were also Cadillacs, and other top-tier vehicles that we don’t usually get the opportunity to drive.

Zipcar – Rent by the Hour or Daily

You’re able to rent hourly or daily with Zipcars, though a few of the cars are only available for hourly rentals. We found the vehicle we wanted, selected the exact amount of time we needed the car for, and then went and picked it up at the assigned location. Super simple.

Zipcar - Scan the card on the reader on the windshield and you're ready to go! ad

The Zipcars all have a card reader on the windshield and this is how you unlock/lock your car. I was worried that it wouldn’t work, but there were no hitches, whatsoever.

[alert style=”gray”]Check this list of Zipcar cities to see if they’re available near you! Also check out their membership options and rates.[/alert]

Zipcar – Insurance is Provided

We decided to take our Zipcar on a quick overnight to trip to the Icicle Inn in Leavenworth, about a three-hour drive from Seattle. Even though we drove across a mountain pass, we weren’t concerned because insurance in included in every Zipcar rental. You’ll have total peace of mind, which you don’t usually get with rental cars without paying extra for optional insurance.

Our BMW Zipcar - luxury cars are available at many locations ad

Zipcar – Your Gas is Included in the Rental!

Another annoying thing about regular rental cars is that you either need to buy the expensive prepaid gas option or buy gas right before you return the car. That’s not the case with Zipcar. With Zipcar, all the gas is included in your rental, there is a gas card in the car that you can use at almost any major gas station to fill up as many times as you need. Also, you’re not required to fill the tank before dropping it off at its parking stall, but they do ask that you leave at least a quarter tank for the next person.

Zipcar GasCard - Gas and insurane is included

Our time with our Zipcar was very simple and straightforward; it just works. Zipcars are a great option for those living in a city without regular access to a car, or those who don’t want the daily expenses of a vehicle. It’s a car-sharing service that meets the needs of so many.

We plan on using Zipcar again because of our fantastic experience. Have you tried a Zipcar?