Orange Glad Sweet Box Subscription May 2015 Unboxing & Taste Test

Subscription Boxes: So Many Choices

There are so many different types of subscription boxes and services from which to choose. We’ve covered Mantry, a food-of-the-month subscription box for men like my son who appreciate gourmet foods. We’ve also sampled a Cate & Chloe VIP Jewelry Box, which has some of the cutest packaging ever. My daughter-in-law shares her Book Riot boxes via Facebook, so I get see the fun items they include with their books. But there wasn’t anything that I just had to try until today.

My Subscription Box Choice: Orange Glad The Sweet Box

[alert style=”green”]I used the 15% off coupon code (SHOPSWEET) on the site for my subscription  (6-months for $119.70)[/alert]

So what box caught my eye and made me order a 6-month subscription? Orange Glad. Huh? Yea, I know, the name is weird. You’d expect the box to be packed with orange scented cards printed with gratitude quotes, right? But it’s a monthly subscription box filled with sweet treats! The Orange Glad site has photos of all of their past boxes and checking out the selection made me pull out the Discover Card and sign up on the spot.

Orange Glad Sweet Box How it Works

Do I need more sweets in my life? Oh heck no. But do I need quality, gourmet treats instead of the grocery store bakery ones? Oh yes! Face it, I’m going to eat sweets, I just want good ones! And thanks to my new Orange Glad Sweet Treat Subscription Box I’ll be enjoying a selection of gourmet treats that they promise are fresh and delicious.

Orange Glad Sweet Box How it Works

When I signed up, I was asked what types of flavors I’d like to try.  I fount this encouraging since I think I’m the only person on the planet that doesn’t like coffee or spicy foods. I was hoping this meant the boxes would be personalized a bit to account for different tastes. But after looking at the past boxes that doesn’t look that’s the case so this may have been for naught.

Orange Glad Box

But more importantly, I wish they’d ask if a subscriber has food allergies or as in my case, is a vegetarian. I looked through all of the past boxes and marshmallows are a common theme in many of them, especially around the holidays. Marshmallows are not vegetarian so there are going to be treats I won’t eat that I’ll have to pass on to someone else. It seems like it wouldn’t be too terribly hard to have an alternative item for vegetarians, but that’s the problem with subscription boxes. You have to take what comes, and that can be fantastic and introduce you to flavors, textures, and tastes you’ve never tried before. But it can also be limiting if you’ve got a special diet.

Orange Glad Sweet Box - Whats Inside

Treats Without a Subscription

Subscription Boxes not your thing? Even though you can do a 1-, 3-, 6-, or 12-month subscription, I realize they’re not for everyone. For those people, there is a dessert marketplace. Shop for the items YOU like or send them as a gift. I love that you can shop by sweetness level – that’s a great feature for sure!

Orange Glad Dessert MarketplaceI’m going to give the Orange Glad Sweet Box Subscription service a six-month trial. I’ll try to remember to Instagram the treats when they arrive (if I can get pictures taken before I enjoy them :)). And looking at the May 2015 Sneak Peek I’m going to be enjoying it!

May 2015 Orange Glad Sweet Treat Box Sneak Peek

Do you have a favorite subscription service? And do you like them for the same reason I do?