I am quickly learning that as my little girl grows bigger each day, just days away from her first birthday, the space in my home grows smaller. It seems as though I am always switching out the tools needed to help me support Paisley and her changing needs. It all started when the crib was lowered as she learned to pull herself up, followed by a portion of my living room being gated to create a safe environment for the crawling stage, to bringing in a high chair as her experience with solid food began. As she learns about this amazing world around her, her needs change which requires adaptation on my part to provide her with safe opportunities for growth. And this leads me back to my point about my living space shrinking while my daughter’s world swallows up my comfortable home.

Bumbo Multi Seat with Tray - available at Target and Target.com - ad

One of the largest pieces of Paisley furniture currently occupying the majority of my dining room/living room is her large high chair. For such a small child, it seems as though this chair consumes an incredible amount of space that we already run low on with two dogs in our home. I have looked for alternatives to save on space including the chairs that clamp to the table and portable high chairs that work well for traveling.

Bumbo Multi Seat with Tray

Although each of these additional options serves a helpful purpose, I had yet to find a seat that worked for her growing needs that didn’t take up half of our dining room while also offering a tray for her to explore feeding herself. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to check out the new Multi Seat with Tray from Bumbo in hopes of providing a safe chair for Paisley that made us both happy.

Bumbo Multi Seat with Tray - available at Target and Target.com - ad

I was quickly intrigued with the versatility of this chair as it is marketed for children ages five months to 3 years as a 3-in-1 floor, feeding seat, and booster. (Any opportunity I can find to purchase a product that will last for more than six months is a plus in my opinion). With a 3-point harness and attached adjustable straps to fit most standard 4-legged chairs, this chair can accommodate children at different life stages with ease. The removable foam insert adds comfort while the child is smaller and can be easily removed to create a booster for growing children. I loved that this chair came with a one-handed tray attachment that stores on the back of the seat- making it easy to store and remove when needed. Similar to this, the foam seat insert and retractable straps store in base of seat (any opportunity to not lose parts is another plus in my book!)

We’ve been using the seat for a while now and I am very pleased with the overall product. I can confidently say I feel safe attaching this seat to a full-size chair using the provided straps and allowing Paisley to sit and eat. (I supervise at all times.) She enjoys the chair and isn’t able to rip the tray off (something that happened to a similar chair from a different company, leaving us without the tray option and a child with a new game.) The chair is easy to clean with a plastic base and durable foam insert. I like that it doesn’t feel like an inexpensive chair that might break after being used by one child.

My husband and I have not only used it as a feeding seat but also as a floor seat when needing to keep Paisley in a confined space. We took it to the beach and used the seat and tray to feed our daughter her snack, to prevent her food being immediately covered in sand. Although she wants to be on-the-go at all times, she seems to enjoy sitting in her Bumbo Multi Seat with Tray.

Bumbo Multi Seat with Tray - available at Target and Target.com - ad

We are excited to continue the use of this seat as she grows and hope to share the love with future children.
A portion of the proceeds from your Bumbo product purchase will be donated to children in need.

You can purchase the Bumbo Multi Seat at Target and Target.com – ARV is $44.99