I cannot believe it, but Paisley just celebrated her first birthday (though she’s just 9 months old in the photos). It is truly incredible to think about how fast time flew over the last 365 days and even more amazing to see how quickly she changed. Each day she demonstrates her new-found knowledge: so proud of her accomplishments. I have loved watching as she developed her motor skills, first learning to grab hold of things and now sorting items, completing age-appropriate puzzles, throwing balls, as well as many other motor milestones. Each day I am hoping to challenge her by encouraging the completion of new tasks that promote positive learning.

I was excited to learn I had the opportunity to share two Sesame Street train toys with Paisley. As a child who grew up with Sesame Street myself, I was now looking forward to sharing the fun characters and games with my own child. These two train toys have provided us with laughter and entertainment while working together to move the train along the tracks and through sorting and stacking blocks.

Sesame Street Elmo Wooden Blocks Train

This natural wood train set includes three train links that connect using a hook and eye, eight assorted printed blocks plus Elmo the conductor, and four rolling wheels on each train link. Paisley really enjoyed removing and transferring the blocks from one train link to the other on this train. I liked that it did not require a track, making it more appropriate for younger children just learning how to push a toy with wheels. I also enjoyed the slightly-larger toy pieces making it more appropriate for Paisley at this age in her life.

Age 2+  |  Available from Toys ‘R’ Us and Amazon.com

Sesame Street Trains: Quality Toys for Ages 2+ -ad

Sesame Street Wood 29-Piece Train Set

This train set is made from natural wood and includes a four link train, figure-eight track plus bridge, two-sided house, two trees and one sign, and Abby, Elmo, and Oscar characters. Although still a little advanced for Paisley, she loved being able to explore how a train track works, pushing the cars along. She also seemed to enjoy picking up the additional pieces and maneuvering them around the track. I know this toy will be even more fun as she grows older and can learn how to piece the track together using the wooden peg-and-hole system.

Age 3+ | Available from Toys ‘R’ Us and Amazon.com

Sesame Street Trains: Quality Toys for Ages 2+
What I love most about both of these fun train toys is the real wood and the high quality toy. Both trains serve a different purpose and allow a developing child to learn and grow as motor skills become more refined and practiced. And, of course, I love the Sesame Street brand with its fun friends, bright colors, and imaginative characters.

Is your child a fan of Sesame Street? Does he/she have a favorite character?