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Easter is Sunday, April 5. It’s coming up quickly so I thought I’d give you my five best Easter tips to help you get dinner on the table quickly and easily, so you have time for egg hunts and hanging out with the family instead of sweating in the kitchen.

Easter Dinner Ideas: 5 Tips For a Great Holiday

5.Look for decor pieces around the house that can be used for Easter decorations. Take a burlap bag and add fresh or fabric flowers, attach a sticker or paper applique and pin it to the wall with a hidden thumbtack. Or fill a birdcage with paper gift wrapping filler and ceramic eggs. Even embellish a vase with a decorative ribbon held it place with repositionable glue so it can be removed easily after the event. Fill in with birds, flowers, and any other spring or Easter themed item you may own.

4. Pull out your good linens, but if you have sloppy eaters, layer inexpensive fabric napkins over the good crochet tablecloth where they’re likely to spill. Layering colors and textures add interest, and only you need to know they’re there for a bit of protection from the drips and spills that are likely to happen.

3.Add height and interest to your Easter buffet table by placing upturned bowls as a base or using other decorative objects like a crate to create a more appealing look.

2.Let others help. If a guest offers to bring a dish, let them. This is particularly useful if they are someone who has a special diet like me. I’m a vegetarian, and if I bring a dish, I know there’s at least one thing I’ll be able to eat.

1.Don’t sweat dinner. Purchase a HoneyBaked Ham or Turkey, sides, and dessert and spend your time WITH your guests instead of in the kitchen cooking. Not sure where you local HoneyBaked store is?  Find it in the HoneyBaked store locator.

Raise up items with upturned bowls which can be hidden within the tablescape. I've used one under the vase, one under the ham, and another under the pie (a crate).

Raise up items with upturned bowls which can be hidden within the tablescape. I’ve used one under the vase, one under the ham, and another under the pie (a crate).

You’ve got enough to do on Easter Sunday, making dinner doesn’t have to be one of them. HoneyBaked is a tradition for my family. They offer simple-to-serve meals with everything from their famous HoneyBaked Ham to my husband’s favorite, turkey. Plus they have sides for every taste – this year we added a new side, the Orange Basil Glazed Carrots and pecan pie for desert (by the way, HoneyBaked side and dessert selections can vary by location).

Easter Dinner Ideas - 5 tips for creating the perfect holiday - ad

Layers…layers…layers…the camera flattens it all out, but in person, there was plenty of room to spare and a great way to show off my favorite pink and green crafts.

Having a heat-n-eat dinner means I have more time for putting together a little Easter decor and time to enjoy family, and that means I’m less frustrated and frazzled, and that’s better for everyone.

Do you have an Easter tip to share? I’d love to hear it!

An upturned faux farm crate highlights the dessert

An upturned faux farm crate highlights the dessert. Made to be reused after the holiday, the letters are peel-off vinyl.