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 About the NOBLE Movie

The contest was inspired by a new film, NOBLE. The film tells the story of Christina Noble, an Irishwoman who saved over 700,000 orphans in Vietnam. It stars Deirdre O’Kane, Brendan Coyle, Sarah Greene, and Liam Cunningham.

Based on her true story, the film is set in 1989 when Noble flies to Ho Chi Minh city with more courage than money and a calling to help children. It’s there that she starts the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation to provide medical assistance and schooling to the Saigon street children.

Brendan Coyle (Gerry Shaw) and Deirdre O'Kane (Christina Noble) in the NOBLE movie. Photographer credit: Nicola Dove. Photo courtesy of Aspiration Media.  ad

Brendan Coyle (Gerry Shaw) and Deirdre O’Kane (Christina Noble) in NOBLE. Photographer credit: Nicola Dove. Photo courtesy of Aspiration Media.

Christina Noble’s childhood and adolescence were troublesome. Her mother died when she was 10 and she was sent to an orphanage and separated from her siblings. She escaped the orphanage and lived in Dublin where she was gang-raped. When she became pregnant, her baby son was taken from her and sent for adoption. With all of this, she finds the strength to help hundreds of thousands of children.

You can read more about Christina Noble and her foundation in these books: Bridge Across My SorrowsNobody’s Child: A Woman’s Abusive Past and the Inspiring Dream That Led Her to Rescue the Street Children of Saigon, and Mama Tina: The Christina Noble Story Continues.

NOBLE, releases in theaters nationwide on May 8th.

She is Noble Giveaway

“She is Noble”. It’s a term that is perhaps a better fit for an earlier time. For me it brings to mind the women of the Downton Abbey era – the late 1800’s to early 1920’s. In fact, the dictionary defines the word noble as being  “a person of noble rank or birth.” But times have changed and the word has expanded to include those who do good in the world whether it be in their neighborhood, church, school or even in another country. They’re people who love recklessly and live fearlessly and their passion is in helping others.


Do you know a noble woman? Someone who’s leaving her mark on the world and making it better? Nominate her at (please use my unique referral code: BABYTOBOOMER)It only takes 30-seconds to create a brief description of your nominee and to enter your name and email. That’s it! Once the giveaway ends on April 27, 2015, a panel of judges including Noble’s producer, distributor, and marketing executives will score the entries based on creativity (10 points), originality (10 points), and theme (10 points). Once a winner is selected, a team of videographers and writers will create the winner’s story. She’ll win $10,000 towards her work and the person who nominated her will win a 5-day/4-night trip to Ireland. That could be you! Contest Entry Rules

Win a Brendan Coyle Prize Pack

She is NOBLE Downton Abbey Giveaway

You likely know Brendan Coyle best as the valet, John Bates, on Downton Abbey, which earned him an Emmy Nomination for Best Supporting Actor. He has kindly provided a prize pack including an autographed photo, The World of Downton Abbey hardcover book by Jessica Fellowes, and a autographed “NOBLE” movie poster.