[two_one_first] Pete Docter, the award-winning director behind Disney • PIXARs Monsters, Inc. and UP is now sharing a whole new world inside the mind of Riley, a young girl who’s forced to leave behind the life she knows and loves. Riley’s emotions are  guided by Joy played by Saturday Night Alum Amy Poehler, Fear played by Bill Hader also a SNL alum, Anger played by Lewis Black, Disgust voiced by none other that Mindy Kaling from The Mindy Project (no one does disgust as well as she does), and Sadness voice by Phyllis Smith.

Her emotions all live in the control center within Riley’s mind which is called Headquarters. It’s there that all her emotions work to keep her on an even keel, but when Joy and Sadness accidently leave Headquarters Riley is left with only Anger, Disgust, and Fear. There are two compelling journeys in the film – Joy and Sadness and how they work together to get back to headquarters and how Riley works to control the emotions she has left.

It looks to be a great film to start the conversation about feelings and emotions with children in a fun and entertaining way. Everyone has voices in their heads, this film gives them a face, a name, and a whole being which makes them easy for kids to relate to and understand.

I have high hopes for Disney • PIXARs newest film,INSIDE OUT. Check out the trailer and see you find it as funny and clever as I did (with the exception of the mom/dad and male/female stereotypes thrown out at the beginning).
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