Khol's Cares Disney PIXAR  Limited Edition Plush and Books just $5 each!  ad

Every year about this time Kohl’s releases a special line of plush toys and books to support their Kohl’s Cares for Kids® program. This year they’re featuring some of Disney • PIXAR’s best-loved characters. Profits from the sale of all of these limited edition character plush and books goes to kids’ health and education initiatives nationwide.

Kohl’s has raised raised over $257 million dollars for kids since 2000 and your kids benefit as well because these quality plush toys and books are worth far more than their $5 price tag. These are the kinds of toys you’ll want to purchase extras of for your gift closet or Easter Baskets. They’re well-made and represent their Disney • PIXAR character beautifully and with your purchase you’re helping other families!

Kohl’s Cares 2015 Limited Edition Disney • PIXAR Characters

This season’s characters will appeal to boys and girls and from infants to tweens. Toy Story Rex, Mike from Monsters, Inc, Lightning McQueen from Cars, Nemo from Finding Nemo, and Wall-E from his self-titled film. For $10, you can purchase the plush character and the matching hardcover book. There’s even a Disney • PIXAR Look & Find book with all of the characters and an UP storybook with the Dug the dog which isn’t online. In fact there are a few of the characters that are only available at so if you want them all, you’ll have to shop there as well.

Kohl's Cares Disney Pixar Plush and Books - ad Kohl's Cares Disney Pixar Plush BooksKohl's Cares Disney PIXAR  Limited Edition Plush and Books just $5 each!  ad

Kohl’s very kindly sent a few of the character’s for us to check out. I have a comfy reading spot all set up for the next time Paisley comes to visit. I’m guessing that Dug will be her favorite – she’s got two dogs she loves – but it will be hard for her not to fall in love with Nemo and Mike as well.

Kohl's Cares Disney PIXAR  Limited Edition Plush and Books just $5 each!  ad

These limited edition Disney • PIXAR plush and books are only available available until April 4 or while supplies last so buy them soon. Don’t wait until they show up on the secondary market where you’ll pay more.

Who needs a new plush and book in your life?