Sedona Airport Mesa Vortex Trail Head
Sedona, AZ is said to have several vortex locations and it’s part of the reason I chose to visit.  My husband was game for hiking up to them, but he scoffed at the new-age power they supposedly held. I’m more open-minded about these kinds of things so I was ready to take in any experience the vortex’s put out. I’d  had hoped to visit several of them, but an unexpected late snowfall meant that we didn’t have the right gear to spend any extended time outside.

Books About Sedona’s Vortex Sites

Sedona Airport Mesa Vortex

We were able to access the Sedona Airport Mesa Vortex  which is not far from the road. The trail head  parking is easy to find and well marked but on days when there’s good weather it can be tough to find a spot. There are no facilities at this location though there is a porta potty at the next airport outlook located up the hill.

There are handholds pounded into the rock for the trail that runs up the left side of the site, but much of it is slippery when wet with snow or rain, so wear shoes with great traction. There were several areas where trails had been washed out and some of the trees suffered weather damage and were cordoned off.

Sedona Airport Mesa Vortex - twisted bark and limbs

Sedona Airport Mesa Vortex - prickly pear cactus in snow

Sedona Airport Mesa Vortex - the trail in snow

Sedona Airport Mesa Vortex - surrounding red rocks

Sedona Airport Mesa Vortex - the amazing view

Sedona Airport Mesa Vortex - trees in snow

Sedona Airport Mesa Vortex - Plants

Sedona Airport Mesa Vortex - Sending an Instagram

Sedona Airport Mesa Vortex - Late Snow - March 2015

Once  you scramble up the 200 ft or so you’ll be rewarded with some amazing views of the Sedona area. Ancient lore also says you’ll be met with masculine energy which is said to help you focus and get things done. Others claim that this vortex also has a feminine energy as well. In fact, there are so many different stories about what power a vortex has and how it makes one feel, that it’s pretty much left up to you to decide what spiritual effect it has on you, if any.

I think Philip Coppens wrote best how I feel, “A related question is whether these vortexes exist. As there is no clear definition of what they are meant to do or are, clearly, the argument is that they are nothing more or less, than places sought out by people who might indeed feel revitalised, if only because each site does offer stunning views that should (re)charge a visitor by the awe Nature instills in us. Sedona is a landscape that changes as time crawls from sunrise to sunset; those who have seen Sedona in sun, rain and snow argue that each element adds to its mystical quality; having seen the town in all three conditions, I can only agree.”


I’ll admit standing on the top of the Sedona Airport Mesa Vortex I felt strong and confident, but then I was winded and was feeling lightheaded, so I could have imagined it all. Still, the twisted trees on the top are said to prove the vortex’s presence and without leaves it was easy to see their twisted trunk and limbs. Are they caused by wind? Spiritual power? Or an energy? I have no idea, but I do know that I loved the flora and fauna and the fact that we got to enjoy it during a freakishly late March snow which made it even more magical.

But maybe the vortex did work a little magic on us both as we agreed that Sedona is a place we could see ourselves living in the future. Only two or three other places in the US have had the same pull for us. Was it the vortex? The planes and helicopters flying so close overhead from the nearby airport? The lack of oxygen from climbing in the cold air at elevations I’m not used to? We may never know, but those few minutes on top of the Sedona Airport Mesa Vortex were truly a special memory my husband and I shared – the beauty of going there during the snow when few others dared to brave the slippery steps meant we had it to ourselves if only for a few moments.

Have you visited any of the Sedona Vortex locations? What was your experience?

Sedona 360 Airport Mesa Vortex Video

Map to Sedona Airport Mesa Vortex