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It always seems like medical and mental health crises happen on nights and weekends when help isn’t readily available. There’s nothing worse than wondering if what you’re experiencing is something that should be taken care of immediately by medical personnel, or if it’s something that can wait until regular business hours. The expense of making the wrong decision is something I try to avoid.

Doctor on Demand: What Can They Treat?

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Now there’s a way to get medical help 24/7 from home. Doctor on Demand is faster and easier than visiting an urgent care clinic or the emergency room. You can “see” an urgent care doctor or psychologist right from your web-connected device from wherever you are – on the baseball field, on vacation, or even from your sick bed.

Their doctors are board certified, and they can treat common illnesses like a cold, flu, sore throat, UTI, skin irritation and rashes, diarrhea, vomiting, eye conditions, and more through a video visit from any of your compatible web-enabled devices. There is also help for anxiety, depression, stress, relationship issues and even breastfeeding assistance by lactation consultants. Of course, they can’t treat everything. Complex or chronic conditions and those requiring advanced testing or medical imaging are beyond a video visit’s capability. Their purpose isn’t to replace your primary physician, but to supplement their care when you need it.

Doctor on Demand: How Does it Work?

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You access Doctor on Demand provider through a mobile app from your compatible device or online at www.doctorondemand.com. You’ll be required to create an account on your first visit. Once created, you’ll have a chance to add your personal information including your employer, home address, and payment method as well as your pharmacy information. There is also a spot to keep notes from your visits as well as a place to schedule a visit if you want to see a particular provider.

When you’re ready, start your video visit by choosing your payment method – your first Doctor on Demand visit is FREE with BOOMER15 – and then select who the patient is. You’ll need to allow DoctoronDemand.com access to your location via GPS, plus your computer’s camera and microphone to complete the video call.

Next, an optional purpose of your visit statement will help them find the right doctor for you and save a few minutes during your visit. You can also mention how long the symptoms have been going on and what current medications you’re taking. They also ask if you have any general symptoms and your brief medical history. All this is done before you visit starts.

Even though your first visit is free with the code above, you’ll need to enter your credit card information. It verifies your identity and provides for payment should you wish to extend your call.

When you open a video visit, you’ll be paired with a physician who is licensed in your state. All of your medical information is stored on encrypted servers, and they follow HIPAA compliance rules.  All of the providers available on Doctor on Demand must go through screening and training programs and patients rate them which allows other potential users to have a look at how the provider performs.

Doctor on Demand: Prescriptions

The Doctor on Demand providers can prescribe medications for a broad range of ailments; however, they cannot prescribe narcotics or pain meds that are considered controlled substances. What they can prescribe are drugs for allergies, infections, skin conditions, and even sports or travel injuries.

Doctor on Demand: What Does It Cost?

Here’s the best part about Doctor on Demand. Medical video calls are billed at $40 for every 15 minutes, so you get the time you need. A warning is given at 13 minutes that your time is about to expire, so you have a chance to extend the call or finish up.  Psychologist video visits are 25 minutes long and are $50 per visit. There are no hidden fees and no membership subscription required. That’s a far cry from the cost of an emergency room or Urgent Care visit.

If you have a health plan, and they’re part of the Doctor on Demand network, DoD will submit a claim on your behalf. Check with your benefits or HR department to see if you’re covered.


Doctor on Demand: My Experience

Setting up the service was easy – I used the online version and was able to go through the steps easily. I could have used the medical services a few weeks ago when I got thrush after being taking an antibiotic. But since I don’t currently have any pressing medical concerns, I decided to take advantage of the mental health support. As someone who’s suffered from depression over the years, it’s an incredible feeling to know that help is available instantly, anytime I need it to talk over a particular problem or to get me through a crisis and the next time I have thrush or a similar malady, I’ll be using the Doctor on Demand service to take care of it.

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