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Groupon Getaways: Cure Your Vacation Rut with Great US & International Destinations #MyGrouponGetaway ad Are you in a vacation rut? We are. We’ve “been there” and “done that” and seem to go back to the same places time after time because it’s easy. We know what’s available, which hotel offers the best deal, and what activities there are to do there. I’m not complaining, I’m thrilled that we can make time to go away together, but after 32 years of marriage, it’s time for a change.

With so many travel sites on the Internet it’s overwhelming trying to find the right deal for the right location and perhaps that’s a part of the reason we’ve defaulted to the same tried and true vacation spots. But just because we want to shake-up our vacation location, it doesn’t mean we’re willing to take risks. We want to choose a new vacation in the safest way possible, and we want it at a great price. That’s where Groupon Getaways come in.

What?!? Didn’t you know that Groupon has great deals on vacations? I didn’t either! Even though I’ve purchased fabulous deals on classes, entertainment, and activities here in Seattle, I’ve never paid any attention to the fact that they also provide getaways to many cities in the US as well as around the world. Plus, they offer discounts on activities and adventures at many of those same locations to saving us even more money!

Groupon Getaways: So Many Choices!

When I first looked over the list of deals, I was floored by the prices. An 8-day Ireland B&B vacation with airfare* and car rental was just $899 per person – that’s completely doable! I was almost giddy thinking about it, and then I remembered that neither my husband nor I have a passport which is something our globe-trotting son likes to tease us about often. His is nearly full, and it’s time to get a new one, but though my husband I are both in our 50’s, we’ve never held a US passport.

Groupon Getaways: Cure Your Vacation Rut with Great US & International Destinations #MyGrouponGetaway - 8 Day Ireland Trip including Airfare*, Rental Car, and B&B lodging - Photo Credit:

With destinations like Italy, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Greece, France, Antigua, Costa Rica, New Zealand, St. Maarten, Hong Kong, China, the United Arab Emirates, and even a 13-day European tour through London, Paris, Venice, Rome, and Florence availablethere’s a trip for everyone. At least those with a passport! I’ve never wished so hard that we’d have gotten around to applying.

Groupon Getaways: From Coast to Coast

But no worries, for the rest of us there are plenty of locations throughout the US. I picked out several to present to my husband as options for our getaway. I chose Washington DC, Yosemite, Niagara Falls, Boston, and a few others that we’ve talked about visiting. He shot down every one of them by showing me pictures of each covered in ice and snow. Oops! He reminded me that while our weather is wet and mild,  many are dealing with some unusually cold weather – that’s a deal breaker.

We’re ready for some sunshine, so we started thinking heading further south. My first thought was to go to Humphreys Half Moon Inn & Suites in San Diego. It made me smile to see it among the offerings because over 20 years ago we vacationed  there with our small children. We loved the hotel and watching the military boats in the bay, and we were treated to an outdoor concert by Little Richard at Humphreys Concerts by the Bay right there on the grounds. My husband and I sat on the lanai with the kids to listen and now and then, much to the delight of our two little boys, Little Richard would come to the edge of the stage and they would get a glimpse of his bejeweled outfit which was dazzling in the lights.  They loved being allowed to stay up past their bedtime and hang out with us in the warm evening with the refrains of “Tutti-Frutti and “Good Golly Miss Molly” stirring them dance. It was truly magical. Their rooms still look fabulous 20+ years later. It was out on one of their lanais just like this one that made us fall in love with the hotel. Groupon Getaways: Cure Your Vacation Rut with Great US & International Destinations #MyGrouponGetaway ad It was such a fabulous time and we always said we wanted to go back, but we decided that this time we’d be going without the kids, and it would likely be too melancholy for us to remember back to that first trip. Perhaps it was best to leave that memory intact, so we decided to go somewhere new. But it had to be warm, not too far because we didn’t want to waste a day traveling there and another home, and we needed to be able to book it within ten days.

Groupon Getaways – Buy It, Book It, Go!

Sound impossible? Nope! We did it. We chose a getaway to Sedona Summit in Sedona, AZ. It’s the perfect mash-up of my new age hippy lifestyle and his love for hiking.  I’m looking forward to morning meditations and art classes, and he can’t wait to try out the restaurants and bars after a day of exploring the red rocks. We couldn’t be two more different people, but that’s why this location is perfect for us. Groupon Getaways: Cure Your Vacation Rut with Great US & International Destinations #MyGrouponGetaway Photo Credit: ad This Groupon Getaways deal has a great feature where the hotel is booked at the same time the deal is purchased – it makes scheduling a vacation so easy!  Every deal provides details on when it has to be booked by or when the offer ends, information about the location, and pictures to explore so you can make the right choice for you. Our mid-winter fever is about to get an infusion of some sunshine!

Vacation with Me in Sedona, AZ

I’ll be blogging and tweeting from the hotel and I’ll be sending up a flare if I get lost in the desert so I hope you’ll follow the hashtag #MyGrouponGetaway on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram just in case I need help. Then in a few weeks we’ll be sharing an in-state getaway to a historic location with ties to Hollywood!

What Groupon Getaways deal would you choose to get out of your vacation rut? Would you take a trip across the pond or on the other side of the state? Where do you dream of visiting?

*Airfare is included from JFK and ORD – expenses from your hometown airport to one of these is on your own. Photo Credits:

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