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We’ve been really lucky this year. Neither my husband nor I have gotten a cough or cold. I hate saying that out loud, it’s almost like I’m tempting fate. But we try to eat right and we both take supplements to make sure we’re as healthy as possible, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to be immune from all of the “bugs” going around.

cold and flu season: Keep Tabs on it with the Cold & Flu Tracker

With technology becoming so integrated into our lives, it’s no surprise that now we can find out where illnesses are breaking out with a Cold & Flu Tracker. It’s a great reminder that viruses are out there so we need to take precautions like washing our hands frequently, and having some basic cold and cough products on hand in the event we’re stricken.

cold and flu season: Plus Year-Round Relief for Minor Mouth Irritations and Sore Throats

Chloraseptic No 1 Recommended Sore throat brand

We’ve chosen Chloraseptic® for years. It’s perfect for cold and cough season, but we use it year-round. We always have Cherry Chloraseptic® Sore Throat Lozenges on hand to use when the pain of canker sores makes eating and drinking difficult, or when dental work causes minor pain. I also used it the other day when I got thrush after taking antibiotics. It killed the sore throat pain that accompanied it and kept me comfortable until my oral prescription medication started to work a few days later.

Chloraseptic Lozenges - Cold and Flu Season? We're Ready! #RealRelief ad

I pack those same Chloraseptic® Sore Throat Lozenges in my online bag when I travel in case I get a cold while I’m on the road or get a sore throat caused by dry air. They work instantly and I like the taste of them so they’ve been a part of my first aid kit that also includes relief for headaches, fever, and muscle aches. I don’t leave anything to chance because so many hotels have little more than a soda machine available and there’s nothing worse than feeling ill and not having anything on hand to give some relief.

cold and flu season – Chloraseptic® Products Provide Instant Relief

I’ve also used the Chloraseptic® Sore Throat spray over the years. With their targeted spray, they’re perfect for targeting those darn canker sores on the roof of my mouth or deep in the back of my cheek and numbing them immediately. They are available in a variety of flavors including Grape, Warming Honey Lemon, and Cherry for adults and Max Wild Berry for kids.  I prefer the Cherry though the Wild Berry is a close second.

You’ll also find the lozenges in our car console and in my purse. When I think about it, we keep them on hand, but I only use them once or twice a year. I think it’s the comfort of know they’re there.

Chloraseptic® Products – Find Out More

Find out more about the whole line of sore throat and cough formulas on the Chloraseptic® Facebook page and then print your own $1 Chloraseptic® Coupon and be ready in case the cold and flu bug visits your house!


As with any over-the-counter remedy, read all of the instructions, warnings, and dosage information before taking them.

*Pharmacy Times, #1 Recommended Brand 2014-2014, Sore Throat Sprays, Lozenges (Tied for #1), and Children’s products

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