[pullquote align=”right”]We’re not the only ones that think Singapore is one of the places to go in 2015. It’s made the New York Times’ list of 52 Places to Go in 2015, Lonely Planets’ Best in Travel 2015, and CNN’s 10 top destinations to visit in 2015.[/pullquote]Mary Beth and I had the opportunity to share in a delicious steak luncheon at the Metropolitan Grill (Seattle), provided by the Singapore Tourism Board, where we got a chance to learn more about the country and what it has to offer tourists. We’ll touch lightly on our favorite aspects of the city because it’s a city that offers so much. This island state, though tiny, offers incredible diversity in what you can experience – from gastronomic delights in Little India and Chinatown where shopping and food go hand in hand, to the natural beauty and splendor of nature and everything in between.

Travel Singapore: Getting There

Singapore is a small island nation of about 5.4 million people all living within just 277 square miles! What’s even more impressive is the amount of passengers they handle at their main airport, Changi Airport, over 54 million passengers in 2014! With  around 6,600 flights every week, that’s about one flight every 90 seconds. They’re so adept and moving passengers and planes that they’ve won over 450 airport awards and was voted the #1 airport in the world.

In 2014, the Changi Airport added six new carriers and new destination services to Okinawa, Japan; Phu Quoc, Vietnam; Lanzhou and Xi’an, China,; and Seattle, WA, US. Their growth means they need more terminals. They currently have three terminals and ground has been broken on 4th terminal with plans for a 5th terminal to be completed by 2017. Each airport terminal has a hotel, eateries, a garden, and more. The terminals are all connected quickly and easily by train, making tight connecting flights a breeze.

Travel Singapore - Changi Airport

Departures – Changi Airport Photo Credit: Singapore Tourism Board

Travel Singapore: Food

Though connecting to many major tourist cities, like Phuket, Cebu, and Mandalay is simple, you should definitely make a detour to spend some time in exciting Singapore. If you’re into adventurous eats, Singapore will absolutely have something for you, with influences from Malaysia, China, India, and many other Asian countries.

Chili crab - Photo Credit: Singapore Tourism Board

Chili crab – Photo Credit: Singapore Tourism Board

Try one of their signature dishes like spicy chili crab. It’s a whole crab swimming in a chili and egg sauce that’s said to be very spicy at first, but mellows as your taste buds adapt. If you’re really daring, try durian, a large fruit with a custard-like consistency. The durian is often described as smelling of rotten onions and we can attest to its unique and overly pungent aroma! it’s so offensively smelling that’s it banned on some public transportation and hotels and rightly so.  So far, we haven’t been brave enough in our travels to try it!

Travel Singapore: What To Do

There plenty of things to see and do on your visit. Start with the 5-star Marina Bay Sands Resort‘s giant infinity pool with stunning views of the entire city skyline. At 590 feet long, the infinity pool could park four and half Airbus A380’s end to end, and sits way up on the 57th floor of the resort! Only resort guests are allowed, but you can visit it virtually. Room rates start at around $280 US per night.

Marina Bay Sands Resort – Infinity Pool Virtual Tour

Or perhaps take in the gorgeous Supertrees at Singapore’s  Gardens By the Bay. These solar-powered man-made trees provide shade during the day and brilliant lights in the evening. Some of the Supertrees are over 12 stories tall and you can traverse a walkway among the canopies and the glimmering lights. These trees also collect rainwater and several of the trees produce solar power for nearby buildings and they provide entertainment  on Friday and Saturday evenings as well as other public holidays with a 12-minute music and light show called “Garden Rhapsody.” Access to the Outdoor Gardens in Bay South is free and tickets to the Cooled Conservatories and OCBC Skyway require an entrance fee.

Places of interest and attractions at Marina Bay Singapore featuring nature

Supertree Grove – Look up in awe at dramatic vertical plant displays or enjoy a bird’s eye view from the 22-metre high OCBC Skyway. When night falls, the Supertrees come to life with a spectacular light and sound show. Photo Credit: Gardens by the Bay

Despite Singapore’s tiny size, approximately 50 percent is still lush greenery, so you’re never too far from nature. Explore the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve (currently under renovation but expected to reopen fully in 2016/2015),  or the Singapore Botanic Gardens which are located in central Singapore. The 150-year old gardens offer free walks and tours as well as a learning garden and activities for children. There are also stunning beaches to explore along Singapore’s coastline.

Bukit Timah is a natural and outdoor place of interest in Singapore.

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve – An old quarry with reflection of the scenery on the water Photo Credit: Singapore Tourism Board

Travel Singapore: Why It’s On Our 2015 Top Places to Visit List

After hearing about all the interesting sights, sounds, and flavors that all co-exist on such a minuscule island, we’re very excited to visit Singapore and have added it to our must-visit list of travel destinations for 2015. Can you blame us? Which of Singapore’s offerings attract you most?

Have you traveled to Singapore?