(Family Features) Need some creative Valentine’s Day cookie ideas? Check out these three easy-to-do decorations for your favorite rolled sugar cookie recipe or even store-bought cookies with a little icing and coloring.

Decorated cookies are the perfect treat for family, friends and co-workers and even to send a special message to your Valentine. These Valentine’s Day cookies look impressive, but they’re easy to make.

Three Valentine’s Day Cookie Decorating Ideas

  • Desserts with dimension:  Stacking three decorated cookies of different sizes together with icing for a triple-treat! They don’t have to be the same shape, just different sizes, to make them specials. (See instructions below)
  • Complement with color: Piping frosting isn’t hard. Pipe the same design in several colors for a fun multi-colored design. Have a steady hand? Use a small round tip to write messages on your cookies.
  • Get to gifting: Take those beautiful cookies and finish them with a fun Valentine’s Day treat bag or box and plenty of ribbon. Don’t forget a gift tag!

Stackable Ombre Heart Cookies

Creative valentine cookie designs you can do - Cookie Decorating Ideas For Your Valentine Gifts

Prepare and roll out cookie dough following recipe directions.

Use the 3 smallest cutters from 4-piece heart nesting cookie cutter set to cut out and even number of shapes from each cutter. Bake and cool cookies on a baking rack.

Divide the royal icing (made with meringue powder for safety) into three equal portions and tint each with a few drops of rose to create 3 graduated shades of rose.

Thin a portion of each shade following recipe directions.

With a frosting decorator bag and tip 3 and the darkest tinted icing to outline cookies.

Use the thinned tinted icing, fill in the cookies with the cookies with the lighter shades to fill in cookies; gently tap to smooth icing or use a sharp point to coax it to fill the entire heart. Let the cookies dry overnight (cover with a paper towel but be sure it’s not touching the surface of the cookies)

Once all of the cookies are dry, use royal icing to attach cookies, stacking largest to smallest. Finish by placing the heart icing decoration on top with a dab of royal icing. Allow to dry and then package for giving.

Scalloped Heart Cookies

Scalloped "Tulip" Valentine's Day Cookies - Cookie Decorating Ideas For Your Valentine Gifts

Prepare and roll out your favorite sugar cookie dough following the recipe directions. Use the largest cutter from the 4-piece heart nesting cookie cutter set to cut out shape. Bake and cool cookies on wire rack.

Divide the icing into four equal portions – tint one light burgundy, another dark burgundy, the third a combination of red-red/Christmas red, and reserve last icing portion white.

With a frosting piping bag and 102 tip, start from top edge of heart with dark burgundy and pipe V-shaped groups of petals (2 petals of each color). Repeat with the other colors until you have covered the cookie in frosting petals. If you don’t have multiple tips and bags, create rows of the same petals for a striped design.

Allow the cookies to dry overnight and then package for gifting.

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