8 Valentines Day Crafts and Gifts

These are 8 great Valentine’s Day Crafts that have inspired me this year. Use them to inspire you or create them from the step-by-step tutorials provided.

DIY “Love” Wall Art by Plaid

This may be my favorite Valentine’s DIY because it’s easily displayed long after. Created by the folks at Plaid, this Love Sign is created with decoupaged fabric and and few other surprised. Find the instructions for this Love Wall Art at Plaid.com.

DIY Love Wall Art by Plaid

DIY Love Wall Art by Plaid

Mini LOVE Canvas Art by One Artsy Mama

Mini LOVE Canvas Art by One Artsy Mama

This may be a tiny canvas, but it’s sentiment is huge! Kids cab make one for grandma and grandma or a favorite aunt with a minimum of fuss.

Created by One Artsy Mama, you can get the instructions for this Miniature “LOVE” Canvas Art from her adorable site.

DIY String Heart Valentine Cards by Agnes Hsu'

DIY String Heart Valentine Cards by Agnes Hsu’

String art cards are a fun mom and  me craft. Sweet little cards to frame or give. Create them from white paper as shown or try a print card stock to make them even sweeter.

Details for momtributor Agnes Hsu’s string art Valentine’s Cards can be found on the Hello, Wonderful website.

Faux XO Marquee Sign By Plaid

Another great project from Plaid. The Faux XO Marquee Sign could also be done in initials or a child’s name. Super cute and fun, any child would adore a reminder that they’re loved.

Faux XO Marquee Sign By Plaid

Faux XO Marquee Sign By Plaid

Martha Stewart’s Heartstrings Valentine’s Day Card

Martha Stewarts Heartstrings Valentines Day Card

DIY Heartstrings Valentine’s Day Card by Martha Stewart

Leave it to Martha and her crew to come up with these fantastic card that when pulled, creates a 3D greeting. Template and complete instructions for the Heartstrings Valentine’s Day  Card are provided. Minimal supplies means big WOW for just a few cents.

Just a Girl Blog’s Valentine’s Day Gifts for Teachers

As a former school secretary, I can heartily recommend these decorated hand sanitizers for teachers! There are so many germs one comes into contact with throughout the day when working with children that good hand sanitizer is a must! I really recommend a natural or organic santizer – there are several inexpensive ones available – because they use it so often that something less harmful is always appreciated! And don’t forget the hardworking head secretary! 🙂 You’ll find the Valentine’s Day Sanitizers directions on Just a Girl’s website.

Teacher Gifts for Valentiines Day

Teacher Gifts for Valentiines Day

Make It Do Valentine’s Day Bird House

Ah, this is and oldie but it’s adorable so let’s share it again! While there aren’t instructions, it’s pretty easy to figure out how it was made, but visit the page and check out her other fun Valentine’s Day ideas and creations. They’ll inspire you as you great yours!

Valentines Day Birdhouse

Infarrantly Creative Count Down to Valentine’s Wall Art

This is a little more work than most, but the end result will be used for years. Taking a tip from the Christmas Advent Calendars, they’ve created a count down to Valentine’s Day with a sweet Hershey Kiss for each day from February 1st through 14th. Get the complete step-by-step directions and photo tutorial for their Count Down to Valentine’s craft at their website.

Infarrantly Creative Count Down to Kisses

Count Down to Kisses by Infarrantly Creative

What will you be making for Valentine’s Day?