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Easy Souper Bowl Party Ideas and Recipes #QuesoForAll ad

Our easy Souper Bowl Party

My husband just started following football two years ago when the Seahawks finally made their way to the top after 30-years. As someone who’s always prided herself on not being a “football widow,” I was having to come to grips with either becoming interested for his sake or losing him to the television a few hours each week. It was obvious from the first game we shared that I wasn’t cut out for football. But when a big game like this weekend’s Super Bowl comes up I’m happy to supply food and beverages to make his game better. I may not like football, but I love the tailgating and food that comes with it.

Create Your Own Easy Souper Bowl Party

For this year’s match-up between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots, I decided to do a head-to-head with food. Since both Washington and New England have a lot in common – we’re both known for our seafood –  I decided to play on the words Super Bowl and make it our Souper Bowl party. I choose soups, desserts, and drinks to represent both areas, but first I filled in the end-zone with foods both teams would agree on. The centerpiece was the famous RO*TEL Queso Dip with two varieties of chips, something I knew everyone would enjoy, plus veggie dogs in bakery buns and condiments.

Souper Bowl Party Ideas - Seattle Seahawks Easy Souper Bowl Party Ideas and Recipes #QuesoForAll ad

Famous RO*TEL Queso Dip – just two ingredients!

RO*TEL Queso Dip wins for the easiest recipe ever – it’s foolproof.  It takes about 5 minutes to make and requires just two ingredientsRO*TEL tomatoes and VELVEETA. I served the queso in a cast iron caldron to keep it warm and to keep it fresh I served half the recipe with the other half staying warm on the stove ready to refresh the table.  Everyone loves creamy cheese dip, so it’s a definite win for the end zone.

Easy Souper Bowl Party Ideas and Recipes #QuesoForAll ad

Quick & easy RO*TEL Queso Dip – it’s a hit with everyone.

For the head-to-head, I separated the table with the left side representing the Patriots and the right the Seahawks. On the New England Patriot’s side, I chose a lobster bisque, maple oatmeal cookies with raisins and flax seed, and Boston beer.

Easy Souper Bowl Party Ideas and Recipes #QuesoForAll ad

Representing the New England Patriots – lobster bisque, maple oatmeal raisin cookies, and Boston beer.

For the Seahawks side I went with salmon chowder, caramelized apple cheesecake with oatmeal pecan pie crust, and white wine.

Souper Bowl Party Ideas - Seattle Seahawks Easy Souper Bowl Party Ideas and Recipes #QuesoForAll ad

The Seattle Seahawks side features world famous Seattle smoked salmon chowder, caramelized apple cheesecake, and two excellent Washington wines.

I didn’t make either of the soups because this vegetarian was not going to toss a live lobster into a pot. Heck, even my meat-loving hunter said that task was beyond him too, so I purchased the soups from a famous Seattle seafood restaurant which left me more time to make desserts and create the DIY décor.

Souper Bowl – Easy DIY Decor

Easy Souper Bowl Party Ideas and Recipes #QuesoForAll ad

Easy Super Bowl DIY Decor

Creating the tablescape was as easy. I painted large paper mache letters – “S” and “B” –  with my favorite Sailor Blue Vintage Decor Chalk Paint and then antiqued them with Vintage Decor antiquing wax and highlighted the edges with Vintage Decor Chalk Paint in linen.  Above it I hung an extra-large wooden pennant banner with cutouts printed on matte cardstock with my color printer.

Next I lay down a crisp white tablecloth and then covered that with some black and white striped placemats I found on my last shopping trip to designate the end zone. Then since both teams have blue in their logo, I used over-sized blue napkins to cover the boxes I used as risers to create different heights to make the table more interesting. To serve the RO-TEL Queso Dip, I used a dark brown napkin and added eight grommets and laced it with a white shoelace to hint at a football. I filled a tin with yellow napkins (penalty flags) and spoons and then using my electronic cutter and some red vinyl, labeled the soup tasting bowls. Finally, I added a little white crinkle paper for a festive look and glasses for the wine (which may have been sampled during the décor process).

Easy Souper Bowl Party Ideas and Recipes #QuesoForAll ad

Let’s Eat!

Putting together the party for my husband was a lot of fun and while I’m still never going to be a football fan, I am a fan of hanging out with my husband while he watches the game and enjoys his food and beverages – it’s hilarious to see him react to the plays, yell at the TV, and wolf down the snacks – and for me that makes the day.

What are you planning on Super Bowl Sunday? Is RO*TEL Queso on your party menu? Find out more at Queso For All and then follow the Ro*Tel Facebook and Velveeta Facebook pages.

Go Hawks! 🙂

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