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Working on my health is something that’s important to me. I believe in a holistic approach which means not focusing on just one facet of wellness, but taking a look at the ways possible of improving my life and maintaining my health. But it’s not just about me, it’s about my family’s health as well. I want them to live as well as possible for as long as possible. But it takes a village of experts to make that happen because it involves so much more than any one person could possible learn. So I’m always ready to reach out and get support to make sure I’m providing my family with the most up-to-date information.

FitStudio.com Points for Progress - Earn for Working Out! #Achieve15 #sponsored #IC

FitStudio.com – Points for Progress

Sears may not be the first name that comes to mind when I think about fitness, but it should be. That’s because they’re America’s No. 1 fitness retailer and they’ve just relaunched a new one-stop fitness destination that also rewards you for working on your fitness. Called FitStudio.com, it’s a place members of Shop Your Way, like me, can get free workouts and informative articles on nutrition and fitness, plus rewards for physical activity through their Points for Progress program.

FitStudio Sign Up - Step One  FitStudio.com Points for Progress - Earn for Working Out! #Achieve15 Ad #IC

To participate in the Points for Progress program you’ll need to register at FitStudio.com. You’ll automatically become a Shop Your Way member as well. It’s a program that rewards you when you shop (read my Shop Your Way program guide) with points you can use on future purchases at Sears or Kmart (online or in-store).

FitStudio Sign Up - Step Two FitStudio.com Points for Progress - Earn for Working Out! #Achieve15 Ad #IC

Once you’re registered, you can download the free fitness app on your favorite device and track your Shop Your Way Points as well as your Points for Progress. Now you can start earning $5 in Shop Your Way points (5,000 points) just by burning 1,500 calories or walking or running 15 miles in 2015.

FitStudio Sign Up - Step Three  FitStudio.com Points for Progress - Earn for Working Out! #Achieve15 Ad #IC

Points for Progress – Three Ways to Earn Shop Your Way Points

There are three ways to earn points. First signup with FitStudio.com and connect a device and complete your profile. Second – get active! Run, walk, or dance your way to two miles a day or 200 calories a day. Share. When you share your progress and content from FitStudio.com on social media.

FitStudio.com – Free Workouts and Recipes

To help members meet their goal to #Achieve15 they’ve stocked the site with recipes by Sandra Lee, and workouts like The Busy Mom Workout, Lose The Baby Weight Workout, Knockout! Total-body Ripped Insanity, and Couples Therapy Workout. There is a workout for every level of fitness and every goal. They’re sorted by cardiovascular, flexibility, and strength as well as body region, fitness level, and equipment which makes find the right one easy. I headed straight to the “sedentary” exercises and chose the Naked Fitness Workout. It involves 60 minutes of walking and ten minutes of stretching to increase alignment and boost metabolism. My doctor recommended starting out with 15 minutes of walking and 10 minutes of stretching and working up since I’m being treated for some health issues right now. Each exercise is described in detail and there is a video to show you proper technique. The video is available at any time you need a refresher, but the workout isn’t a video workout, it’s a list of exercises that are completed in sequence. The list can be printed, but you’ll need to mark off that you completed the exercises online or through the app.

15 Ways to Achieve 15 FitStudio

If you find a workout you like, you can save it to your FitStudio library so you can use it again without searching for it. Save a few and switch up your routine to avoid boredom. This is the same place you can save individual exercises to create your own custom workout or articles and recipes you want to keep track of. The FitStudio Library is one of my favorite features – it allows me to keep all the important information in one place that I can access from anywhere. Like when I’m at the grocery store and can’t think of what to make for dinner – I pull up my library, choose a recipe, and I’m set!

My FitStudio Library

FitStudio.com – Tracking  Your Progress

Many of the most popular fitness trackers and fitness apps sync with FitStudio to record your info. Currently that includes BODYMEDIA, UP by Jawbone, Moves, RunKeeper, fitbit, mapymyfitness, and Withings. But if you don’t have a tracker or use one that’s not compatible, you can enter your information manually which is what I’ve done. I have a compatible tracker that’s not working and needs to be sent back to the manufacturer to fix. My backup tracker isn’t compatible. But I can still participate by entering my information manually, though I did make a big mistake in doing so. Not in the actual addition of the info, that was easy, but since I was walking and only had the time and not distance, I changed the way my points were tracked from distance to calories since the calories are automatically figured by the system. Though it warned  me my points would be reset, I did it anyway, and yes, that first one thousand points now aren’t counted towards my points, but that’s OK, they counted towards my overall health and I’m OK with that.

FitStudio.com – Fitness Equipment Reviews

It’s also a place where I can get fitness gear reviews and ratings based on several criteria including comfort, performance, value, and features. These ratings are tallied for an overall score to let me know which equipment to try and which to skip. These are combined with customer and member ratings to give me the best chance and purchasing just the right fitness equipment for me.

To help me afford this new equipment, FitStudio.com has a Deal of the Day that’s personalized just for me. I can use the points I earn for working out to make the deal even sweeter. Deals are added daily but you have seven days to redeem them – I love that they give us a little extra time to research and determine if the deal is right for me. Those “buy-it-right-this-minute-or-it-goes-away” type deals have caused me to make some very bad choices or I’ve missed out because by the time I was able to determine it was a great buy for me, the deal was gone. I hate that!

But are these deals on no-name fitness gear? Nope! Sears has all of the top brands including Life Fitness, AFG, ProForm and more in addition to  NordicTrack (exclusive) and they offer them at the lowest prices guaranteed.

In fact, here’s my dream piece of fitness equipment, a Nordic Track Desk Tredmill and Sears carries it plus my personal deal is $50 off.

I’m going to have to get busy working out to help defray the cost but one day I’ll own this!

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What’s your dream piece of workout equipment? Sign up now to earn points towards it at FitStudio.com!