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RapidLash - Can Eyelashes and Eyebrows Be Rejuvenated? #RapidLash #IC Sponsored

As I’ve gotten older I’ve noticed my already sparse eyelashes have gotten even thinner. While there are ways to mask my lack of lashes with makeup, I wanted to find a solution to what was causing the issue and treat that, not just cover-up what I’d already lost.

I was offered the chance to try out a product that’s said to transform lashes by enhancing, conditioning, and strengthening them. I said yes because the product, RapidLash Eyelash & Eyebrow Enhancing Serum, is a paraben-free topical solution that has never been tested on animals and is fragrance free. It’s also dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested so I felt confident about trying the over the counter product. I figured that the vitamins and minerals in the formula couldn’t help but improve my eyelashes.

I’ve used RapidLash now for 4 weeks by applying it every night to clean and dry lashes. I noticed an improvement within about 2 weeks in the moisture level of my lashes. No longer are they dry and brittle, but they’re flexible again!.  It will take another 4 weeks of daily use for me to see the full impact of the RapidLash, but for now I’m enjoying that I’m losing fewer lashes every day because they no longer break-off when I rub my eyes.

RapidLash Trial - Before and After Pictures - Can Eyelashes and Eyebrows Be Rejuvenated? #RapidLash #IC Sponsored

Unretouched photos – both the before and after photos were taken with make-up free, clean, and dry lashes.


RapidLash can be used by men and women. In fact anyone who has limp, damaged, or dehydrated lashes may benefit. But what causes these changes in our eyelashes? Stress, age, medications, and even environmental factors can mean fewer eyelashes.

Why try to keep your lashes long and lustrous? Because eyelashes are nature’s way of keeping dust out of our eyes. Lashes that are too long or too short can affect how much air and dust crosses over to the sensitive eye area. Keeping lashes at their optimal length and condition is so much more than just visual.

RapidLash can also be used on brows and I’ve been using it on mine with the same results as my lashes. I’m looking forward to seeing more change as I move on in my trial. Have you tried RapidLash? I’d love to hear about your experience with it.

Where to Buy RapidLash

RapidLash can be purchased online at CVS.com, ULTA.com, BBB.com, Kohls.com, drugstore.com, as well as in-store at CVS, ULTA, Bed Bath & Beyond, Meijer, Fred Meyer, and Kohl’s.

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