It is truly unbelievable at times to see how quickly children grow and change. As an elementary teacher, I see kids leave for summer and return just a few months later, and I notice changes both in their physical growth and in their abilities to converse with other adults and children. As a new mom with a 9-month-old, these changes only seem to be happening at an even quicker pace with my own child.

Although she can’t quite hold conversations with people yet, or at least discussions we can understand, Paisley does demonstrate new skills each week and highlighting her new knowledge acquired through exploration. With crawling being the latest check mark on her list, she’s already begun to experiment with the idea of standing on her own two legs – often more fearless than mommy might like. With the help of Hasbro and the , Paisley has been able to practice her newfound skills using a toy that is created to help her achieve her goals.

Toddler Toys: Playskool ROCK, RIDE ‘N STRIDE HIPPO Toy - Ad

This transitional toy offers a child the ability to walk with assistance while pushing the toy when placed into the walker position. As the child becomes more comfortable, the seat can be lowered to the rocker position that allows a child to rock back and forth. She giggles when her dad rocks her on the seat in the rocking position, but as Paisley becomes a little bit stronger (and taller), her legs will reach the ground enough to scoot her way around the house in a more traditional riding mode. Until then, she loves when I provide the power in the riding mode and push her throughout the house.

Toddler Toys: Playskool ROCK, RIDE ‘N STRIDE HIPPO Toy - Ad

This toy is exciting because a child can enjoy three different options with one toy, making the enjoyment last longer. Additionally, it provides both visual and audio stimulation in addition to the physical development. The toy plays music while it’s in motion, but the music fades as the toy comes to a stop. Paisley’s figured out that when she gets pushed around the house the music plays, but when mommy stops, the fun ends. The addition of music encourages little ones to move and play more to be rewarded with music.

The hippo’s dashboard offers three buttons that play fun music, silly sounds, and animal noises when pushed. This fun, interactive learning toy has already encouraged Paisley in her ability to sit independently, by helping her gain lower body strength as she learns to place her feet on the ground and push as well as added core strength as she attempts to stay upright on the toy. I’m looking forward to seeing how she enjoys the walker mode as she learns to walk independently.

Toddler Toys: Playskool ROCK, RIDE ‘N STRIDE HIPPO Toy - Ad

Playskool Rock, Ride, ‘n Stride Hippo Toy

  • Recommended for 9 months +
  • Approximate Retail Price: $39.99
  • Requires two AA batteries.  
  • Available at most major toy retailers nationwide and at

WARNING: Product must be assembled by an adult. Keep small parts necessary for assembly out of children’s reach.

WARNING: TO AVOID SERIOUS INJURY: Continuous adult supervision required.

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