Paisley has hit a stage in her development where she loves music. Any time I play music for her she immediately freezes and gets the most adorable smile on her face. She also does this funny head bob dance move that makes her look like a bobble-head doll; it’s completely precious. As a lover of Disney’s Frozen movie, I must admit I purchased the soundtrack before my daughter was even born.

The Frozen CD was a hit at our home during the holidays with visiting children. What’s not to love about those magical songs that you begin to sing in your sleep? Even more, what’s not to love about our favorite character, Olaf? With a few young babies to entertain the music was great, but for their older brother, the songs weren’t cutting it. So my husband pulled out our OLAF’S IN TROUBLE Game by Hasbro and it was an immediate hit!

This young boy was visiting from Holland with his family for the holidays and he only spoke a few words of English. This did not hinder his ability to play his favorite game with his beloved Frozen character as the board game host – Olaf! As the women sat around watching the babies, the men got together to play a few rounds of the famous and well-loved game of Trouble with a Frozen spin. After a few wild rounds of screaming in a language I didn’t quite understand, it was clear the young boy had won almost every round.

The game was enjoyed by all as they sat together laughing over the sound of the popping dice. Needless to say the game made its way all over town during their visit to Seattle as the young boy wanted to share his Trouble talent with other family members, demonstrating how well he played the game. Although Paisley was not quite old enough to play, she did find the game board interesting and fun with its bright colors and even tried to pop the dice herself. Maybe she’ll have a little better luck in a few years!


  • Recommended for children ages 5+ (choking hazard – not for children under 3)
  • Available at most major toy retailers nationwide and on HasbroToyShop.com and Amazon.com