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It’s the New Year and I know for many that means recommitting themselves to their fitness. I’m no different, though I’ve been sidetracked by some health issues, but my commitment to add fitness to my life is still a goal. But while I have had to postpone my new journey, my 76-year old mom and her neighbor have been encouraged and they’ve decided to join me by becoming Planet Fitness members as well!

I followed along with them recently as they met with the Planet Fitness trainer to develop personalize training programs that takes into account their strengths, weaknesses, physical issues, and their goals. I was impressed by the amount of time the trainer spent with each of them and how truly personalized their plans were.


Once their plans were complete, the Planet Fitness trainer walked the ladies though the process of signing up for additional fitness instruction. It’s available with every membership and is done in small groups of five or less. The trainer is also available for one-on-one when his schedule permits as well. Training is available for early morning to late night schedules which makes it easy for anyone to make use of this fabulous feature.

Planet Fitness Club - Truly a Judgment free place for all ages - #PlanetFitness #IC ad

Since the trainer had some free time, he offered to work one-on-one on a few of the machines the ladies were especially interested in to get them started. I will mention that my mother was not dressed appropriately for the occasion, but they made an exception and allowed her on the floor this one time; proper attire, including tennis shoes, is required at all times. The Planet Fitness trainer worked with the ladies on proper form and how to use the machines. Thankfully the information is available on each machined as well so there’s no worry about forgetting how to use it. The strength equipment is available to everyone and works both upper and lower body as well as the core.

Planet Fitness Club - Truly a Judgment free place for all ages - #PlanetFitness #IC ad

The Planet Fitness trainer works one-on-one with my 75-year old mother.


Planet Fitness – Does it Deliver on the Judgment Free Atmosphere?

Yes! Planet Fitness delivers on their warm and welcoming atmosphere. The staff is helpful and the facility is clean and bright. I feel like I can ask for help and get a sense they truly want me to succeed. The facility was filled with both men and women and every age group making it a place that both my 75 year old mom and I can feel great coming to. I have no doubt my 27 year old son would feel the same way and with my Black Card membership I can invite him along.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that though this was likely their peek member signup time and the month most notably many people head back to the gym after holiday excesses, the place was not overcrowded. There was no wait for the treadmills and other popular machines. That’s a huge plus. I also appreciated that the place did not smell like a gym. It was odor-free, spacious, and welcoming.

Planet Fitness Club - Truly a Judgment free place for all ages - #PlanetFitness #IC ad

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I love that workout gear here is very relaxed – there’s no pressure to suit up in the latest workout gear. In fact, the whole atmosphere is laid back. I was amazed at how quiet it was – almost like a library. Talking was in hushed tones and people seemed intent on coming in, working out, and heading home.

As someone looking to get out of the house and interact a bit with people, this was a little disappointing, and the three of us did laugh and giggle, likely making a bit of a spectacle of ourselves, though no one seemed to care, which I appreciated. The “judgment-free zone” is reinforced in signage throughout the facility and people seem to have taken it to heart. We did visit at 5pm which is generally the after work crowd and perhaps during the day may be a better fit for us. At least I’m hoping so – a little interaction with others would be great.

Planet Fitness Club - Truly a Judgment free place for all ages - #PlanetFitness #IC ad

I find out next week if I’m ready to start exercising and now that I’ve visited Planet Fitness I’m pretty excited about using the facilities including the fully equipped locker rooms with day lockers and showers, as well as the massage chairs (these are available to Black Card Members). I’m also ready to start a walking program on the treadmills where I’ll be making use of the flat screen televisions to keep me entertained and hopefully on the machines longer. I’ll also be using their 30-minute express circuit as a kick-starter to my overall toning.

Planet Fitness Club - Truly a Judgment free place for all ages - #PlanetFitness #IC ad

Do you have plans to include more fitness in your new year? I’d love to hear about it!