Evanger's Food for Dogs and Cats - Grain Free Jerky Treats Sponsored

When it comes to feeding our four-legged friends in this family, we always look to provide them with safe and healthy products made from natural ingredients-not just because we want them to live a long, healthy life, but because they deserve it!

Our two dogs are members of this family. Lilly, our picky, stubborn, hole-digging 5 year old beagle was our first baby. She has been through every adventure with my husband and I as we got married, purchased our new home, brought home a new puppy, and finally had a little baby. She is the dog who chooses not to engage in petty issues with other animals who come to visit and is always looking to the highest place in the house to perch herself upon in order to stay out of it!

Baily, our Chesapeake Bay Retriever, came along when Lilly was two years old. We decided with a new home purchase we needed a new dog that could really make use of the fenced back yard. She is the fun-loving, high-spirited, home-protecting dog that thinks she belongs on your lap.

These two dogs travel every where with us as we have created some pretty dependent puppies (hate to admit it!) Yes, it can be tricky now with a baby deciding how everything fits into my car when we leave town for weekend trips, but they are worth the clutter. They are worth every penny when those unexpected trips to the vet pop up. These two dogs bring more dirt and dog hair into my home than I can deal with most days, and yet they bring more joy than most humans do to our family life. So although there are days when I lose my mind over the amount of cleaning I do to provide a comfortable home, I still believe every cleaning minute is worth the love and friendship they share with each of us in this house, including our 8 month old daughter.

Evanger's Food for Dogs and Cats - Grain Free Jerky Treats Sponsored

So when it comes to feeding these two hounds, I make sure to always give to them the most natural products to promote a long, healthy life with many more family memories. Products from Evanger’s provide my dogs with a variety of food choices to fit their individual needs- something I know we will deal with more seriously as they become older. Evanger’s provides their customers, dogs and cats, with food from their classic, organic, grain-free, super premium, and even Signature Series lines of food. Unique food combinations are created to help treat common health problems in pets like allergies, Urinary Tract Infections, hairballs, weight loss, and even poor appetite to name a few.

Mr. Evanger created a line of food to provide dogs and cats with “People Food for Pets,” hand-packaging whole uncut pieces of meat, rather than ground up food. My dogs especially enjoy the “Nothing but Natural” treats that include 100% whole meat gently dried that are gluten free, grain free, and free of any additives or artificial ingredients. These treats can be fed to dogs, cats, and other pure meat eaters. They are available in a variety of beef flavors.

Evanger's Food for Dogs and Cats - Grain Free Jerky Treats Sponsored

Because our little beagle is notorious for being a selective listener, getting her to come indoors can be tricky. She often requires a lot of treats (I know, don’t judge my poor training skills.) However, with Evanger’s “Nothing but Natural” low-calorie treats in flavors like fruits, vegetables, and fresh meats containing only 6 calories per treat, I don’t feel as guilty giving her a few treats a day, knowing they can be used to help train good behavior.

Evanger’s provides our four-legged friends with healthy options for food and treats that I feel confident giving to them, knowing the ingredients are all-natural and made in the USA. Since 1935 Mr. Evanger has made teh committment to give animals the food they deserve.

For more information on Evanger’s dog and cat food, check out their website at www.evangersdogfood.com