We received the Droid Turbo smart phone as part of the Verizon Ambassador program; all opinions are our own.

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  • Standby Time – Up to: 675 hrs.
  • Usage Time – Up to: 48 hrs.
  • Camera 21MP
  • Weight 5.96 oz. / Height 5.56 in.
  • Operating System:  Android 4.4 Kitkat®

A cell phone is no longer just a device to make phone calls with in today’s busy, in-the-moment world we live in. With technological advancements happening daily with an emphasis on making everything more convenient for the public, cell phones now allow us to do practically anything at the touch of a button. My husband is an avid cell phone user who regularly accesses his email for work, utilizes the navigation app to find the latest job site he’s overseeing, and receives phone calls and text messages from employees and business partners. His cell phone is attached to his hip during work hours and seems to always be in use.

When we had the opportunity to check out the Droid Turbo by Motorola from Verizon my husband couldn’t wait to make the switch from his previous phone. Within a day of using the phone he couldn’t say enough positive about the convenience this phone brought to his work day for a variety of reasons.The turbo processor with 2.7 GHz speed made reading and sending emails simple with quick loading of messages and an easy-to-navigate system. Moving from one app to another caused no delay as he could access notes and emails while on the phone with a client to answer questions or provide needed information. The Google Maps app that came already installed on the phone was quickly put to use as he traveled to a job site in downtown Seattle that he had not yet been to. He showed me within seconds how he could use the Voice Search app to say the name of the location that quickly brought up the information from the internet. One that same screen he could click “Directions” and the map would automatically create the route to that location. Although this is not the only phone to have this capability, never before have I seen a phone provide this information so quickly! So often when he is traveling through a new town to a place he’s never been it can be frustrating to pull the car over, look up the address, type it into the map, and wait for the map to find the most direct route before finding you are traveling the wrong direction. With the Droid Turbo this information can be found within seconds by utilizing the already-downloaded Voice Search app and Google Maps.

Droid Turbo Smartphone - Droid Turbo #DroidHoidays @DroidbyMotorola #VZWBuzz

As someone who works out in the field for work his phone is almost always chiming with a new text message and email, or ringing when he’s not in the office. Clients, business partners, and employees are always asking for information on a specific job needing answers about a bid, measurement, or bill. With his Droid Turbo he can quickly put the person on hold while he navigates through his email and notes on the large screen to find the information needed to answer the question. I’ve seen him do this and can’t believe how quick and simple it is to provide answers without the phone taking a long time to load.

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He also loves using the phone to take amazing pictures of our adorable 9-month old daughter and our two dogs (along with pictures out in the field for work and pictures of our current re-model we are working on.) Not only does the phone take beautiful pictures, but the app loads so quickly and has no delay when capturing the image making pictures on-the-go clear, especially when we try to photograph our energetic daughter. The pictures are great quality and aid in his line of work as well as provide lasting family memories.

The speed of the Droid Turbo is only one of its outstanding features that makes doing practically anything on your phone simple and stress-free. I’m looking forward to learning more about the Droid Turbo from my husband as he flaunts it around the house loving every minute of its usage.