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I HATE when I leave the house without my wallet. It’s embarrassing how many times this happens. Like at the grocery store when I have my cart full of perishable food. Yep, I’m THAT woman who has to have them bag the groceries and put them in a cooler while I run home to get it. There are also the times when I have my wallet but I can’t find my debit card. That too happens all too often. Generally because I’ve pulled it out to make an online purchase and failed to return it to my wallet. I do have a credit card, but it’s for emergencies only.

Softcard App – A Familiar Digital Wallet

I knew there was a better way because I used an app a few months ago to give me the ability to pay with my smartphone; but when I switched devices, it didn’t get transferred over. It wasn’t long before I forgot about it and just reverted back to my slipshod card handling. That was until I was offered the chance to try out the Softcard App. It turns out it’s the updated version of the app I loved!  The name was changed due to world events, but it’s the same great digital wallet that offers so many fabulous features.

 Softcard Where Is it Accepted - Softcard App - Pay with Your Smartphone #Softcard  #IC #ad @Softcard Soft Card pay via NFC Softcard App - Softcard App - Pay with Your Smartphone #Softcard  #IC #ad @Softcard

I signed in with my old login and password and tada! There was all of my card information I’d entered months before.  I’d forgotten how handy it is to have all my credit card and loyalty card information in one place and accessible for late night or all day shopping adventures! I should mention that not all smartphones are compatible. Your phone must have NFC capabilities – you can check with your mobile provider to be sure. Thankfully mine is!

Softcard App – Pay with Your Smartphone

In addition to using the Softcard app as payment, it can store and track loyalty cards, membership, and reward cards. That alone is a great way to start getting those valuable points  lost out on when you don’t have your card on hand. It can also store debit and credit card information secured behind layers of security so payment can be made via a smartphone with the same protection and benefits as if the card was scanned at the retailers so it’s worry-free.

 Softcard App - Pay with Your Smartphone #Softcard  #IC #ad Softcard App - Pay with Your Smartphone #Softcard  #IC #ad

The app is easy to install and works on both Windows and Droid smartphones. When you install it, it automatically detects your cell provider and installs the correct version. The Droid version can be used by AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon wireless customers; the Windows  version is available for Verizon and AT&T customers.

Softcard App – Prepaid Accounts

If you like the idea paying with your phone but want to use “cash”, you can pre-load your account with your US bank account or debit card and pay with your phone (you can also use your credit card, but most charge huge fees for cash advances, so I wouldn’t recommend it).

Softcard App – Where Can you Use it?

Where can you use the Softcard app to pay for purchases and services? Oh, at about 275,000 participation stores that use contactless payment systems. Click here to find participating retail locations in your area – I bet your find it’s pretty widely accepted.

Here’s a map of the locations within a few miles of my home that are Softcard compatible – that’s convenient!
Softcard App - Pay with Your Smartphone #Softcard  #IC #ad

So where do I use my Softcard most? Subway – it’s one of my favorite lunch places and it makes paying so easy. I also keep my Diet Coke addiction going with a quick tap of my smartphone at my local McDonald’s store – both in-store and at the drive-thru. I’ll also be using it quite a bit in the next week as I travel to Detroit. The airport has so many places that are compatible with the technology.

But the most important purchase I’ve made lately with my Softcard? I purchased sublingual B12 at my local Bartell Drugs Store. I got my blood tests back and my levels are dangerously low – that it explains the memory issues – whew! At least I have a medical reason for being such an airhead!  What about you – mobile wallet or ne’er-do-well card holder?

Meet Tappy – the new Softcard Mascot

Tappy, created by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, is the new Softcard Mascot. His job is to help users learn more about Softcard’s capabilities. You’ll find him in videos and on social media sharing ways to put your NFC-enabled phone to use.

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