Holiday Shopping at the Microsoft store Microsoft Store Provides Amazing Customer Service and Value - #ad

There’s still time to shop for holiday gifts at the Microsoft store or year-end with that Christmas money from mom and dad. But why buy there? For me the reason is easy. It’s their customer service.

Microsoft Store: Friendly and Knowledgeable Customer Service

The great customer service experience begins at the door. There you’re greeted by store associates who are truly there to help. These knowledgeable men and women are available to chat with you to find out what your needs are and they’ll help you find the perfect product for your needs. If you’d rather browse on your own, then you’re left to do just that, although expect them to check back in with you from time to time to let you know they are available if you need them. It’s a perfect balance of being there and available, without being pushy.


What I love about the store associates is that you can ask them anything. About software, hardware, etc. If they don’t know the answer, they’ll find an associate who does. I’ve yet to stump them with a question and I’m truly amazed by their knowledge.

Microsoft Store: The Atmosphere

In addition to their amazing customer service, I love the atmosphere of the store. It’s warm, inviting, and feels like a campus where people are grouped around tables, chatting, laughing, and working together. If it wasn’t for the products lining the walls, you might think you’ve just walked into a tech class at your local college. Enormous walls of interactive video screens are ever-changing and rather than distracting, they add to the overall aesthetic.

Holiday Shopping at the Microsoft store - #ad

The store’s lighting is perfect for a realistic home experience with the devices, yet it provides enough spotlighting to highlight the products as well. It’s a welcoming place that I enjoy visiting.

Holiday Shopping at the Microsoft store - #ad

Microsoft Store: Products & Services

The Microsoft store also has a fabulous selection of products. They sell outside of their own product line and offer other leading manufacturer’s goods as well. They offer a full line of accessories including fabulous cases, home automation, tech toys, and more. It’s a varied and full line that makes shopping easy.

Holiday Shopping at the Microsoft store - #ad

Once you’ve purchased from the Microsoft store the fabulous customer service doesn’t end. They provide what they call the Out of Box Experience. This is a fantastic service where the store associate will open your new device, set it up, link your accounts, and answer any questions you have.

Holiday Shopping at the Microsoft store - #ad

You also have access to the Answer Desk which offers many free services including extended diagnosticssoftware repair or support, virus and malware removal, and PC tune-ups to increase your computer’s performance. This service is provided for ANY device whether it was purchased from a Microsoft store or not. Appointments are recommended and can be made via the website or in person and can usually be made for the same day or next.

Holiday Shopping at the Microsoft store - #ad

Additional in-store services include free workshops, camps for kids, in-store events and more. Visit the Microsoft store website and check your store’s schedule. There are also many software, hardware, and game warranties and extended coverages available – many offering personal training and more. Visit the website or visit your local store for complete details.

Holiday Shopping at the Microsoft store - #ad

Whew! See what I mean! There’s a lot more to the Microsoft store than just products and great deals.