Kodak Picture Kiosk: 1-Hour Personalized Last Minute Gifts - sponsored

There are always last minute holiday gifts to buy; it happens every year no matter how well I plan out my Christmas List. But just because it’s a last minute gift, it doesn’t mean it can’t be thoughtful and personal! That’s because you can create a one-of-a-kind gift in just a few minutes at any Kodak Picture Kiosk which are conveniently located in large retailers all over the US including CVS, Bartell’s, Target stores, and Sam’s Clubs.

Many of the products can be ready in an hour. You can create them from home with any Internet connected device and pick them up at the store or create them right there in the store. Use photos from a Facebook account or your smartphone to create your personalized gift.

Kodak Picture Kiosk: Personalize Last Minute Gift Suggestions

Personalize photo books can be made for under $10. For a teen, print the best selfies from her Facebook page and create a book – add fun captions in permanent marker or dray speech bubbles and let the family fill them in before giving it to her. It’s easy to gather photos from friend’s and family’s pages with the MyKodakMoments app. It’s designed especially for tablets and allows you to create custom photo books, collages, greeting cards*, prints, and enlargements ordered via the Internet and then pick up in as fast as an hour at a participating retailer or by mail.

Kodak Picture Kiosk: 1-Hour Personalized Last Minute Gifts - sponsored

Fast and Easy Personalized Gifts in an Hour

  • Grandparents would love a book full of memories. Choose everyday life or special events and add handwritten notes to make it really special. Or create a calendar with personalized photos and write in special events by hand.
  • Need a gift for teacher? Create a photo book of the kids in class or the field trip you volunteered for.

Kodak Picture Kiosk: 1-Hour Personalized Last Minute Gifts - sponsored

  • Scan mom or grandma’s handwritten recipes and photos and create a recipe book for your siblings.
  • Create a “Why I Love My Wife” or “Why I Married You” book and fill it with photos that make you think of her (Google Image Search) or photos of her from your smartphone.  Handwrite love quotes or add your own.

The ideas are endless and you can have a fabulous gift that will be appreciated for years to come and it will be our little secret that it was a last minute gift!

Photo Credits: Kodak.com