Chilly Jilly Wrap is the perfect travel companion. These wraps can be used in place of a germ-infested blanket on the plane, a sweater or jacket at dinner, a head scarf when required in some countries or churches, an accessory, and even a beach sarong! All this versatility comes in a small little bag and is lightweight and wrinkle resistant. It’s small enough for a backpack, carry-on bag, or your purse and you don’t have to be a traveler to enjoy it .

Gifts for the Traveler: Chilly Jilly Wrap

This red  Chilly Jilly Wrap is modeled on our 5’11” mom blogger and it looks fabulous. But it’s a gift for our 5’2″ travel blogger and because of the stretch and weight of the fabric, it will look just as fantastic on her and not overwhelm her with fabric. I envision her using this on her around-the-world travels in so many ways. When she travels she only takes a carry-on bag so every single thing she puts in there has to have a dual function, wash and wear well, and look great pulled from the bag. The  Chilly Jilly Wrap fits the bill.

The wrap is available  in 19 colors (including tie dye and crinkle colors for a limited time) and one size fits most up to size 14. It measures 64″ wide x 19″ long. Our only complaint is the label in the center back which had to be tucked continuously.

But the best part about Chilly Jilly products? They’re made in the USA! 

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