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I’ve mentioned before that we’re not a traditional family when it comes to the holidays. I guess it comes from years of both my husband and I working in government jobs. In the last 35 years, we rarely both had the actual day of the holidays off, so we’ve learned to compromise and celebrate when we can. This year is one of those rare instances when not only my husband and I are both off on the holiday, but so are our children. Now that’s truly a rare occasion as one is a Park Ranger and the other one a Customer Service Agent for an airline and both are used to working weekends and holidays.

With this rare meeting of the schedules, something akin to seeing a unicorn, you’d think we’d have made plans and scheduled something because we could. Did we? Nope. We did what we’ve always done, someone says, “Hey, let’s celebrate Christmas (or Thanksgiving) on Friday.” Of course this usually happens just a day or two before the chosen day so there’s no time to really plan anything.  I guess you could say it’s our tradition – the tradition of not being bound by tradition.

Holiday Dinner in a Flash? No Problem!

It was my oldest son who triggered a late Thanksgiving/early Christmas get together last week. Luckily for me I had HoneyBaked Ham and Turkey in the freezer along with two HoneyBaked sides  – Broccoli Rice and Green Bean Casseroles. I also had a Honeybaked  Pumpkin Pie. My son brought over a few appetizers and sides of his own, and he created an amazing flourless chocolate cake that baked while we were eating dinner to serve along with the pie.

We had a fabulous time during our impromptu dinner and I loved that my son and his girlfriend wanted to participate in planning and cooking, what a great way to create a meal.We didn’t bother with bringing up dinning chairs or setting the table, we did it buffet style and relaxed, laughed, and ate way too much. My youngest son and his wife did the dishes afterward, so it was a family affair from start to finish!

It may not be a Norman Rockwell Christmas, but this casual celebration fits our family perfectly. What’s your holiday tradition? Have you ever just thrown together a holiday dinner in a day?

HoneyBaked Holiday Ordering Tip & Gift Suggestion

Avoid disappointment and reserve your ham or turkey at least three days before you plan to pick it up by visiting the HoneyBaked Ham website. Also, did you know you can send HoneyBaked products as gifts? You can! Send one to someone who deserves a holiday off from cooking. He/she will love it! Find out more information about HoneyBaked Ham and the products on their website, Facebook, and Pinterest pages.

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