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If you live in the Northwest, you’ve heard of Foster Farms Chicken because they’ve been providing premium chicken here since 1939. They’ve been my choice for chicken for years because they produce 100% all-natural chicken with no added hormones or steroids, and that’s important to me.  Plus because they’re local, their fresh chicken goes from farm to the grocery store in 48 hours.

But what I didn’t know is that Foster Farms also makes pre-cooked chicken products which are made from the same chicken they sell fresh in grocery stores. These prepared chicken pieces are fully cooked and ready to heat and eat, so they’re the perfect thing to keep in the freezer for busy nights.

Always Natural. Always Fresh. Certified by the American Humane Association.

Our schedules are even more hectic than usual because of the holidays, and it seems like I never cook for my husband anymore. But thankfully I can heat up a great dinner in just a few minutes. A few Foster Farms Crispy Strips, rice, peas, green salad, and barbecue sauce and he gets a hearty dinner, and I spend less than 10 minutes in the kitchen.

Chicken Cordon Bleu Appetizers

They also come in handy when company stops by unexpectedly! I used the same Foster Farms Crispy Strips to create two football appetizers. I cut the hot chicken into bite sized pieces, put a dollop whole grain mustard on each, and topped them with a slice of ham and Swiss cheese (I used a canape cutter to make the size uniform and to keep them bite-sized). I just warmed them in the oven for about 2 minutes until the cheese melted and then served them with the larger strips and BBQ sauce. It was the fastest tailgate party I’ve ever thrown together! It took me longer to cut out the “Go Hawks” sign with my new cutting machine than it did to make the appetizers. I made them even more festive by adding a few blue and green ribbon banners on toothpicks. Super fast and easy!

But how’d they taste? The hubby said they were moist and flavorful – I can’t ask for more than that!

Foster Farms Frozen Chicken Products - Instant Dinner or Party! #ad

Foster Farms Frozen Chicken Products – Fully Cooked and Ready to Heat and Eat

If your family likes a little more flavor, try the Hot ‘n’Spicy Wings, and there are gluten-free options as well.  Here’s the current line-up of Foster Farms Frozen Chicken products:

Chipotle Wings | Hot ‘n’Spicy Wings | Honey BBQ Glazed Wings | Breast Nuggets | Buffalo Style Strips | Crispy Strips | Chicken Patties | Chicken Breast Grilled Strips | Bourbon Chicken | Whole Grain Dinosaur Shaped Nuggets | Orange Chicken | Popcorn Chicken | Rotisserie Breast Fillets | Roasted Breast Chunks | Buffalo Breast Bites | Lightly Breaded Tenders | Lightly Breaded Breast Chunks | Lightly Breaded Fillets | Kettlecorn Style Popcorn Chicken | Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets | Gluten Free Chicken Strips

Not sure if Foster Farms products can be found in your area? Call the Foster Farms Helpline at 1-800-255-7227 to check your zip code. Want to learn more about how to cook fresh and frozen chicken safely? Visit the Foster Farms website where you’ll find out it is not just chicken; it’s Amazing Chicken. You’ll find some fun commercials and a link to download a $1.50 coupon. You can also find recipes for these as well as their fresh chicken, frozen turkey, lunch meats, and hot dogs on their website.