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I was a new parent once, granted many years ago, but I remember the self-deprivation we brought upon ourselves because we couldn’t imagine leaving our perfect little bundle of joy with someone else so that we could go out and enjoy ourselves. Yes, that was part of it. The other issue was that even though both my husband and I worked full-time, we were paying daycare expenses for an infant which is akin to paying an extra mortgage payment each month, so even if we relented and took a night for ourselves, we couldn’t afford to go anywhere.

Groupon Wine Tasting Package - Groupon Gift Experience: Wine Tasting Night Out for New Parents #GiftGroupon #ad

Katie’s recap of her Groupon Wine Tasting Night Out

Sigillo Cellars, located in Snoqualmie, WA, provided our party of four with a wonderful evening. The environment was welcoming and cozy with seating options from large sofas near a fireplace to sit and enjoy wine, to the bar atmosphere with stools up at the counter.

The staff was very knowledgeable about the wines they served and offered information that aided us in deciding which glass we wanted to enjoy as part of the Groupon. The meat, cheese, and fruit platter was beautifully presented and as delicious as it looked. We had the option to choose from five different cheeses in combination with the crackers, grapes, and mixed nuts.

The owner shared some information regarding their wine club after we showed interest in signing up and we learned all about the history of the location in the process. We truly enjoyed the service, wine, and food provided by Sigillo Cellars and look forward to our next trip!

My niece and her husband are in a very similar situation – new baby and no money. So I used Groupon’s help to play Santa this year and I gifted them a night out with friends. But because I know I wouldn’t have wanted to go too far from home, I chose a wine tasting experience that was just minutes from their home.

Siggillo Cellars is located just a few minutes from their home and the cost for both wine tasting and light bites was so reasonable it was easy for me to cover the cost for the four of them. Granted I somehow messed up and purchased one Groupon for two instead of four, but Sigillo Cellars was very accommodating and I purchased the second one minutes before it was redeemed.

I loved seeing the tweets as the kids were enjoying their time out and it made me smile to know that they were having a little grown up time. Granted my original thought was to nab my great niece and play caregiver so I could have her all to myself for a few hours, but it turned out we couldn’t match up our schedules, so I’ve requested a rain check.

Parents Night Out Onsie - Groupon Gift Experience: Wine Tasting Night Out for New Parents #GiftGroupon #ad I also wanted to make my sweet great-niece a baby tee that said something like, “Parent’s Night Out – I Have a Date,”  to announce the gift, but there wasn’t time. How much fun would that have been!

Katie has worked so hard here on the blog this holiday season that this was my pre-Christmas gift to her and her husband. I have two more surprises in store for her in January and February. I’ll share those with you next time. In the meantime, who’s on your Christmas list that needs some time out with his/her loved one?

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Groupon Gift Experience: Wine Tasting Night Out for New Parents #GiftGroupon #ad