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Over the last few months, I have been working with Weeva to create a unique anniversary gift. It’s a keepsake book for my parents to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. Weeva allowed me to collect stories and collaborate with my parent’s friends and family over the last month to build a book through their online tool. The book is private, so only the people I sent an invite to were able to see and contribute to the process, which meant we were actually able to keep it a secret!

With Weeva, you work together with family and friends to collect your favorite stories in an online Tapestry; Once collected, you can print your stories in an art-quality book for yourself or someone else.

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As the story sharing has come to an end and I prepare to have the book printed, I cannot say enough good things about this entire process. From the beginning, I have had the support of the Weeva community to answer questions I had as well as help provide tips for gaining more involvement from contributors. The website was simple to navigate and very self-explanatory making the online tools easy for a person of any age. Reading the stories from other family and friends has been such a joy as I have learned so many new things about my parents. The pictures I have seen bring a smile to my face knowing my parents have been able to share so many of life’s greatest and worst memories together.

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Allowing so many people to participate in the creation of this gift has been perfect timing with the giving season. With parents who seem to have everything they could possibly want and need, sharing a book of memories will hopefully bring so much joy to their hearts knowing people love them so dearly that they took the time out of their schedules to come up with some fabulous retelling of stories, some that happened over 30 years ago.

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As high school sweethearts and now grandparents, reading about their life together through the eyes of friends and family has been such a gift to me as their daughter. I cannot wait to give this gift to my parents for Christmas and look forward to watching as they read through the stories written by loved ones about the memories that will last a lifetime.

Who deserves a special book of memories in your family?